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If you are looking to compile and add PST to Outlook, you have landed up in the right place and right time. Your search ends here. PCVITA’s PST Magic software lets you add PST to Outlook by merging any PST file to your existing PST file. Searching in multiple PST files for any data or e-mail might be very difficult and tedious, and you might like to merge multiple PST files into one consolidated PST file to make your search easy. Whatever be the case, you will find this PST Magic software really handy.

Download PST magic FREE Demo Version: PCVITA Split magic, the incorporated functionalities is designed to split and merge a huge a single or multiple PST file(s) securely. Download the free personal license version for free, having the limitation of 50 items split and merge at a time.

Besides, to buy or activate the PCVITA PST magic. Click Order Now button and continue the redirect payment page.

How to Add PST to Outlook is No Longer a Question - Do it with Perfection

Add PST to Outlook magic software merges multiple PST files, and if you are trying to merge ANSI PST format to convert to Unicode PST format, this will be taken care of by this utility tool during the merge multiple PST files process, and you don’t need to buy any extra utility software for doing this. It is simple and elegant way to consolidate and gather all your contacts, e-mails etc. in one place.

What’s MORE? - Explore about PST Magic

The software is capable of doing the reverse process as well, i.e., it breaks down one single PST file into multiple small PST files as per your choice. The best part of PST magic is supports add PST to Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

If this answers your question as to how to add PST in Outlook or vice versa, get the full comprehensive version of PST Magic for only $109 and get rid of all your worries related to loss of any of your precious e-mail data, and you are good to go.

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Supported Outlook Versions

  • » You can add PST to Outlook 2010.

  • » Add PST to Outlook 2007 just by simple steps.

  • » Split and add PST to Outlook 2003.

  • » Start add PST to Outlook 2002 with no hindrance.

  • » Instantly add PST to Outlook 2000.

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