Freely Download Express Migrator for SharePoint (Lotus Notes Docs)

Before investing money over the full version must download freeware version to get an idea about the full editions. Freeware version has fewer limitation as the free version is made to give just idea about tools functions. Free version can only export 500 MB data freely. But the full version does not have any restriction.

Compatibility Details:

  1. Size: 4.05 MB
  2. Ver: 3.1
  3. File System: NTFS-FAT
  4. Source: All Lotus Notes Documents only
  1. SharePoint: Document Libaray, List, Sites
  2. SharePoint Editions: SharePoint 2010, 2007 & 2003.
  3. OS: Windows XP, ME, NT, Vista, Win 7


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Download Lotus Notes Docs Edition

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