Stepwise Software Working Preview - How vCard Magic Works?

How to use vCard Magic Software to Export MS Outlook Contacts to vCard?

vCard Magic is powerful tool which act as both vCard Export & vCard Import Tool:

  • • vCard Export tool to export Outlook Contacts to vCard Files
  • • vCard Import tool to import vCard Files to Outlook Contacts

Below is the detailed and illustrative guide to the steps of the process of conversion as performed using PCVITA vCard Magic software:

Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Files

  1. Open vCard Magic software. Go to Start » Programs » vCard Magic » vCard Magic. You see the following startup screen:

  2. To export Outlook Contacts to vCard file, select the option – “I want to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard file(s)”. Click the “Select” button to select MS Outlook PST files. Software displays a screen saying “Please Select a Contacts Folder” as under:

  3. Select the Outlook Contacts folder that has to be converted to vCard file and click "OK".
  4. Select a location path where you want to save the converted vCard files and click “OK”.
  5. Click the “Export Outlook Contacts” button. Software will start the process of exporting Outlook contacts to vCard files as shown below:

Import vCard Files to Outlook Contacts

  1. In the initial software screen select the option – “I want to Import vCard Files(s) to Outlook” to import vCard files to Outlook contacts as shown in the following screenshot:

  2. Click the “Select” button to select the folder having the VCF files. Before selecting the folder please ensure that the folder includes vCard VCF files ONLY. After clicking the "select" button, software will display Browse for Folder window as follows:

  3. Select the folder containing all VCF files and click “OK”. Display message box regarding the number of VCF files found in the selected folder will be shown as follows:

  4. Click the “OK” button. After clicking the "OK" button, you will be asked to select Outlook Contacts folder where you need to import all the VCF files as shown below:

  5. Select the MS Outlook contacts folder and click the “OK” button as shown under: 

  6. After selecting the contacts folder, click the “Import vCard to Outlook” button. Software will start converting vCard files to Outlook.
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Working Preview of vCard Magic
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