Working Overview of Express Migrator for Office365 (Exchange Mailbox)

Stepwise migration details are explained to user with screenshots. User can follow the steps and learn the process to migrate Exchange to Office 365 migration software. Get the software working preview and learn how to migrate Exchange mailbox data.

  1. Download & Install PCVITA Express Migrator for Office 365(Exchange). Go to Start >> Programs >> Select Express Migrator for Offce 365 >> Click PCVITA Express Migrator for Office 365(Exchange). Click on Export button to open details user details.

  2. Active Directory Details: Preview Exchange Server user details shown in folder hierarchy from the software window. Select the User Mailbox to migrate the data from it. Click Next.

    (Note: To View Selected User Mailbox Details >> Right Click on the User Name. Click Ok.)

  3. Enter Office365 Login Details: Enter Office365 User ID and Password for the selected Exchange User Mailbox. Click Next.

  4. Set Migration Filters: Check the appropriate options according to which user need to migrate the data. Click Export button to start the migration process.

    •   Category: Select the category (Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Notes) which user needs to migrate
    •   Email Filter: Set the time interval using 'From Date' and 'To Date' and migrate the data acc to selected interval
    •   Options: User can select the option to delete the emails from the selected mailbox after migration to Office365

  5. Current Status: Watch the currently running migration process that shows the count of migrated items (Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes) with Speed of transfer. Click on Ok.

  6. Migration Successful: As the migration process gets completed then user can click on Ok button.

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