How PCVITA NSF Merger Works

"How to run Merge and Join process" - Follow Simple Steps

Working Preview of Software - A Complete Product guide

Know more about how software work through this step by step product guide. Refer these steps accordingly to merge files.

  1. Download and install software. To launch the software go to start >> All program >> PCVITA NSF Merger

  2. Click Add files button to manually selecting NSF files to the software or click Add folder button to automatically add NSF files contained in that folder.

  3. Select desired NSF files and click OPEN button. Software will scan, load and display file at adjacent pane with clear specification of file name and directory structure.

  4. You can choose between join & Merge to begin process. If you select Merge option than software will provide you with two advanced suboptions( Remove Duplicate & Exclude Deleted Items) that will filter out unwanted data.

  5. If you choose Join option then software is left with only one filter suboption that is Exclude Deleted Items.

  6. Specify the location or create new folder to save merged NSF file.

  7. Start merging process by clicking on Merge NSF files button.

  8. A live status of merging & joining process can be viewed via software UI

  9. A confirmation dialogue box will pops up ensuring the completion of process. Click OK

  10. Click Yes button to exit and close the software