How to PCVITA Split Magic Software Works - Step by Step Guidelines

How to use this split PST software while performing PST splitting process? The answer is here, follows to working preview to learn how to split PST file. Simple splitting steps are explained below:

  1. Download & Install Split Magic software. Go to Start » Programs » Split Magic » Click on Split Magic. Click the “Browse” button to select MS Outlook PST file.

  2. Select the desired PST file from "Open Window". Click on Open button to open PST file.

  3. Choose the splitting option with which you want to split PST file and click Next button.

    • Split by Date - Set a particular data acc to which you need to split PST file
    • Save by Size - Specify a particular size acc to which you need to split PST
    • Save by Year - Choose a year range acc to which you need to split pst file

  4. Click the Browse button to select a location path where you want to save the divided PST file.

  5. Choose a location to save divided PST files and click OK or you can create a new folder using 'Make New Folder' button. Click Ok button.

  6. If you select Split by Size option, then from drop down menu select the PST file split size. Click on Next button.

  7. View the all filed information and click the Next button. Software will start splitting process.

  8. Progress bar indicates the currently running PST file split process. Click on Compare PST button if user needs to see the results of splitting process.

  9. As splitting process finishes click on Ok button from confirmation window.

  10. Navigate the location to find out the divided pst files:

  11. Open the file with MS Outlook and check the data:

  12. Also, see the CSV file indicating the PST file splitting results:

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