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Backup Windows Live Mail Emails – Manual and Professional Solutions

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 3rd, 2022
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Summary: The methods to backup Windows Live Mail emails will be explained in this blog. The reasons to take a backup of your emails will also be discussed here. Also, which solution is the best will be made clear to you by the end of this blog.

For every other person, their emails are of importance as these messages hold all the personal and formal communications. Users are dependent on these emails for their daily conversations and sensitive information related to business deals, college projects, and many more. Now, what if you lose all these emails? Such a scenario can easily stress out users especially when they have no clue on how to get these emails back.

This is why, we have decided to write this blog with the best possible solutions to save emails from Windows Live Mail for safekeeping. Here, go through the following user query to understand the situations that users face.

User Query – I have been using WLM since a long time and had a lot of data in my mailbox. I never took a backup of my emails and now I regret it. I lost all the emails from my mailbox due to some virus and now they are permanently lost. After that, I decided to then keep my emails safe on my local storage to always have a backup of the data I receive on my mails. Yet, I have not been able to find a secure solution for the same. Is there any method that can help me out?

Let’s get to the solutions for this query. But before that, take a look at the reasons why this may happen.

What Reasons Make Users to Backup Windows Live Mail Emails?

There are limitations for every email client when it comes to holding emails. When that limit is crossed, these emails are to be saved to their local storage devices. The following are the reasons that may cause you to lose the emails:

1. Due to virus attacks
2. Hard Drive Failures
3. Accidentally deleting emails
4. System being formatted
5. Loss due to corruption

Sometimes, these reasons lead to permanent data loss but this can be sorted out by taking a backup of the emails.

What Solutions Help to Save Emails from Windows Live Mail?

The listed steps show how to backup the emails from mailbox:

1. Create a folder on your local drive where you want the emails to be saved.
2. Launch Windows Live Mail and log in to your account.
3. Now, click on the Windows Live Mail icon and choose the Export Email option.
4. Select the Email Messages option.
5. Press the Browse button to choose the folder containing emails you want to backup. Hit Next.
6. Choose the folders to be saved or click on All folders radio button and select Next.
7. When the process is completed, hit Finish.

After performing this method, you can check the exported folder on the location saved on your local drive. Now, if you want a simpler approach and a reliable one to backup Windows Live Mail emails, let’s go to the next solution.

Which is the Most Reliable Approach to Save the Emails?

Users may find various solutions to take a backup of the emails but not all the methods are safe or successful. These methods may not be able to provide the satisfying results that users expect. If you want a solution that provides the best results without wasting any time or effort, you can download the Windows Live Mail Converter to Outlook.

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This software will help you transfer your emails in various file formats such as PST, EML, MSG, and PDF. It is capable of exporting the folder containing emails from WLM without any hindrances. It offers various features to its users as mentioned below:

  • The software to save emails from Windows Live Mail supports bulk transfer
  • It maintains Inline Images and hyperlinks post conversion
  • Option to split PST file is offered by the software during conversion
  • Multiple naming patterns can be chosen for the end result
  • The properties of the emails are preserved while converting the files
  • Auto-detect the emails to convert from source location

Now, after learning a few things about this software, let’s take a look at the working of this tool.

Working Guide of the Tool to Backup Windows Live Mail Emails

1. Launch the software and click on the Open button to add files from the machine.


2. Click on the Browse for the storage location radio button to navigate to the WLM emails and hit OK.


3. Choose the Export Selected option and click on the Export button.


4. Now, select PST as export type and press the Advance Settings option. Set the filters as per your requirement and hit Save.


5. Click on the Browse button to choose a destination location for the end result.


6. Hit Export to finish the procedure.


These are the steps to take a backup of the emails and save them as in Outlook accessible file format on your desired location.

Concluding Lines

Users tend to lose their emails and then regret not taking a backup of their data. This blog explains the methods to backup Windows Live Mail emails on your desired location for safekeeping. You can choose either of the solutions as mentioned above to keep the data in a safe place. The tool as mentioned provides various file formats to choose from while saving the data. It also an expert-recommended solution which can be relied on for keeping the data maintained during the conversion procedure.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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