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Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail – Simplified Solutions to Fix the Error

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 31st, 2021
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

In the recent events, a lot of Mac users have started discovering that they cannot open attachments in Apple mail. This happens if you have moved or upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and sometimes, the attachments along with the email messages are disappearing. Some of the users are reporting that their emails are disappearing.

This issue can be fixed easily with the help of two methods that we will be explaining later. First, let’s take a look at a real-time user query to understand what kind of situations are users facing.

User Query – I have recently encountered the Mac mail not opening attachments error which is quite discomforting since there are a lot of emails containing attachments in my inbox. I need to get a hand on these emails so that I can check the attachments for a business deal. I have been looking for solutions since 2 days and haven’t really found any successful method. Will anyone please suggest a useful workaround to help me out? It’s really urgent.

Let’s dive right into the ways to solve this error.

Workarounds to Resolve “Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail” Error

There are two methods that you can make use of in order to solve the issue of missing email attachments. You can rebuild the mailbox to solve this error but before that, make sure you take a backup of your mailbox in case the manual procedure goes wrong or any step is missed causing data loss or corruption.

There is another solution that allows users to get over the error which is also a smart solution. For that, you will have to perform an extraction process and avoid all the limitations of applying the manual method. Let’s take a look at both the methods and understand which one is a better choice.

How to Resolve the Mac Mail Not Opening Attachments Error Manually?

Following the steps as mentioned below will help you learn the process to rebuild the mailbox:

1. First of all, start Mail on your Mac machine.

2. In here, click on the Mailbox from menu and choose Rebuild option to rebuild the mailboxes.

3. In the next step, you have to choose the Mail menu and click on the Preferences option.

4. Choose Accounts from there and move to the account where you the attachments were saved.

5. Now, click on the Download Attachments option given under Account Information tab and choose All button.

6. After that, close Preferences and open the email with its attachment and you will find it displayed again.

This is how you can resolve the error “Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail” manually. If this method doesn’t work for you and you are still not able to open up the attachments, you can go for the next method that will help you overcome the issue effectively. Sometimes, there are a few shortcomings that may lead to data loss if the method is not performed correctly.

This is it when it comes to fixing Attachments not opening error. The following section is for those users who wish to extract attachments from Mac Mail and save them on their local computer. With this , you can get your attachments on your preferred location but it does not fix your Mac Mail error.

Smart Solution to Save Attachments from Mac Mail

You can extract the attachments from the emails and save them on your desired destination location. Download the MBOX Attachment Extraction Tool to do so.

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With the help of this tool, you can extract and save your data easily from MBOX, MBX, MBS, and MBOX (without extension) file formats. Along with that, the tool keeps the original structure of the folders maintained and data integrity is kept intact. Various Naming convention options and date filter options are provided for selective data migration.

A success and failure report of the export process is given to the users after extraction. The software supports all the latest versions of Mac OS starting from Mac OS X 10.8.

Here are the working steps of the tool for extraction:

1. Download the software and choose the Add File(s)/Folder(s) option.


2. Select the file(s)/folder(s) and click on the Choose option. Hit Next for the next step.


3. Now, mark the radio button next to the No Folder Hierarchy option and check the Create Folder for attachments option.


4. Click on the Naming Convention option and apply Naming Convention for Attachment and Naming Convention for Attachment Folder.


5. Select Advance Settings option and choose apply date-filter and choose the File Type to be included or excluded and File Size up to a specified size. Hit Save.


6. Click on the Change button for the destination location for end result and press the Export button to finish the procedure.


Once you have extracted your data to the desired file location, you can simply open and view the attachments separately on your machine.

Whatever your requirements are, make sure to test the tool first with the free demo version.

Finishing with Concluding Lines

It has been seen a lot of times that the users are facing the “Cannot Open Attachments in Apple Mail” error and have no clue what to do about it. Here, we have offered a simple solution to the users that can help them in fixing this issue. The manual method is helpful and is also a very secure way to handle the situation.

For the smart tool, it is an easy-to-use software that a novice user can use to extract and access your attachments right away. It has nothing to do with fixing your error in Mac Mail, but can be used to view the attachments separately on your machine.