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Best 2 Techniques to Convert MDF to SQL File Effectively

Christopher Pete ~ Published: October 12, 2018 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

In today’s arena, the most common query is how can I convert MDF to SQL file for free? As there are no such details provided over the internet to fix this unanswered puzzle. So today, with this article I will be going to discuss major 2 ways to easily export MDF database to SQL Script.

Quick Glance on SQL Server and MDF File

SQL Server is a relational database management system in the technology field. It is compatible with more than one transactions processing. Master database file (MDF) and Log transaction files (LDF) are the main files used by SQL Server for storing the database contents. Due to the functionalities it facilitates, it has become one of the sought-after programs. MDF is a foremost database file of SQL Server is used to save components like views, stored information etc. A user is unable to open the MDF files which ultimately provides a complete security on data breaching and much more. Sometimes, the user wants to migrate their MDF to SQL file. We come up with appropriate ways to do same.

Why A User Import MDF File to SQL File?

There are several reasons behind the MDF to SQL file conversion. Mainly, we describe some of them have a look:

1. By migrating the .mdf file to SQL script, a user can use these files to multiple servers.

2. Due to this fact that MDF file becomes unreadable. A user cannot open, read and view their .mdf files. Then, there is only one way to read or open MDF files is by converting it into SQL scripts.

3. If in case, your MDF file is highly corrupted. So, you want to convert MDF to SQL file. There can be several causes behind the occurrence of corruption like Power failure, virus attack, hardware failure, and even human error.

4. Often times, users attach MDF files to the database by some entrusted sources, which may result in the error as it could include malicious information. So at this time execute these scripts on SQL Server for creating that database we can transfer a database file (.sql) to a .mdf file.

How to Convert MDF to SQL file Manually?

Here, with the help of this manual approach, a user can easily export MDF database to SQL Script. The procedure is described step-by-step. You just need to follow all the steps in sequence to get an efficient outcome.

Step 1: Run “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio” into your local machine and then connect to the SQL Server.

Step 2: Now, select the “Database” option and choose the database for which you need to create a SQL file.

Step 3: Than, right click to your Database, here, you will pop up the option ‘Tasks’ followed by ‘Generate Scripts’. Hit on that option.

Generate Scripts

Step 4: After selecting the Generate Scripts option, you will get the ‘Introduction’ display in which you get the steps to generate the script. opt ‘Next’ option to move forward.


Step 5: Here, you will get the screen such as ‘Choose Objects’ in which two options have been mentioned. Select ‘Script entire database and all database objects’ option to choose the entire database objects, after that hit on “Next”.

Choose Objects

Step 6: SQL Server facilitates you three multiple options through which data can be converted i.e. ‘Data only’, ‘Schema only’ and ‘Data and Schema’. select the type of data as per your requirement. For this, you have opt an ‘Advanced’ button.


Step 7: Afterwards, you will get ‘Advance scripting options’ screen so, you can choose the type of data. select ‘Type of data in script’ option and opt its type.

Advance scripting options’

Step 8: In this step, you will get an option such as ‘Review your selection’, here you will get to know about your server name, database, its opted objects and the targeted location of your database.

Review your selection

Step 9: Finally, the report of your database components which you have created by using ‘Generate Script’ option.

Generate Script

Effortless Way to Convert MDF to SQL File Conversion Without Any Hindrance

The above-mentioned manual solution is very cumbersome and complex to the non-technical user. So, it is better to switch on the third-party tool such as “SQL Recovery” application. With the help of this tool, a user can easily export a data from MDF file to SQL Server without any data loss. This utility facilitates an understandable interface so, a novice user can also perform the conversion without taking expert help. SQL recovery program is capable to scan and recover rules, functions, tables, stored process, and triggers. The tool is equipped with advanced technologies that support ASCII and Unicode both XML data types. Mainly, this recovers SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 and below database files i.e. MDF and NDF instantly. Moreover, in the upcoming section, we are going to describe the steps to perform MDF to SQL file conversion procedure.

Guide to Perform MDF to SQL File Conversion

Step 1: To perform conversion MDF file to SQL, you have to run the SQL Database Recovery tool menu.

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Step 2: Select “Open” and the required MDF files from its location.

Step 3: Execute “Quick” scan.

Step 4: Now, you have to review database items: The SQL data recovery application will show the entire MDF files containing tables, triggers, stored procedures, views and so on.

Step 5: SQL Script files are stored as .sql files. So, to generate SQL script from MDF file. You have to go “Export” option to begin the export procedure. After that, opt “SQL Server Compatible SQL Script” option.

Step 6: Here, MDF to SQL Converter tool will effectively create the script of the selected database and now this format is ready to migrate.

Step 7: In this step, the user has several options to opt and export only the needed components such as tables, views, stored procedures and much more.

Step 8: Opt according to desire, the MDF to SQL converter gives the option to generate SQL file from MDF with the only Schema or with Schema and data.

Step 9: In the option of With the only schema will create SQL script from the .mdf file of the selected table, views of the schema. And the data within the tables will be extracted.

Step 10: Afterwards, a confirmation wizard will pop up to confirm whether to import SQL Server compatible script With the only schema.
Step 11: Select, the location to store the SQL file.

Step 12: A window will appear that displaying “Export Completed” confirming the successful export of the database than opt “OK

Steps to Export MDF With Schema and Data?

Step 13: Initially, to generate SQL script from MDF file with schema and the table data, checked the option With Schema and Data, then hit on “Save” option

Step 14: Here, a window will pop up to enquire that whether you need to export records as well. You have to choose “Yes” as an option.
Step 15: Now select the location to store SQL file
Step 16: In this step, a wizard will appear that displaying “Export Completed”. To move forward click on “OK”

Step 17: Finally, the status of the complete procedure will be shown. You have to hit on “Close”.

Final Word’s

Most of the database admin tasks can be performed through SQL scripts. Throughout this article, we have gone through the super instant tips to convert MDF to SQL file. And discussed basic steps to migrate / export MDF database to SQL Script manually also. A user can opt any method as per their desire.