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Free Convert OLM to PDF with Attachment on Mac and Windows OS

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On January 12th, 2024
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PDF is most widely used software in almost every organization. Due to the platform-independent, security & easy to use property of the PDF almost every user stores their record and data in PDF Format. Mac OS is one of most demanding OS now a day. There are many Mac user looking for a way to convert OLM file to PDF format.

“Hello Everyone! I am employee in Zcruise Pvt. Ltd. Company. I am working on a project and my senior asked me to share all the details in Adobe PDF format. So that it can be access easily in mobile phone. I’m a Mac Outlook 2016 user and hence looking forward to transfer Mac Outlook OLM to PDF with attachments. Therefore, Now I need a quick and easy way to transfer all my emails from OLM to PDF file. Please suggest me methods to convert OLM file to PDF format.”

There can be multiple reasons for a user to export OLM to PDF format. Some Mac Outlook users wants to safely share their specific emails with someone, printout their important emails, save contacts in PDF file, save important events or meetings. These all things can be easily done by transferring Mac Outlook OLM file  to PDF format. Thus, in this blog we will guide you with easy steps for the same.

Ways to Convert OLM file to PDF File Format

Sometimes, Many users look forward for the methods to transfer Mac Outlook OLM to PDF file. Following are the method by which you can convert Mac Outlook OLM to Adobe PDF format with ease: 

  • Free Convert OLM to PDF with Attachments Manually
  • Convert OLM Files to PDF Format in Mac and Windows OS

Let us understand the both solutions in details with pros and cons.

Method-1: Export OLM to PDF for Free 

To perform below steps you need to have Mac Outlook and OLM file should be accessible in it. Also, this method is only for Mac OS users. 

1. Launch Mac Outlook on your Mac Machine. (Note: I am explaining the steps on Mac Outlook 2016)


2. Select the Mac Outlook File you wish to Export in PDF file format.

choose email

3.Double click your file, It will be open in Reading panel.

double-click on email

4. Click on File>> Then, Click on Print option from the list.

click on print

5. Print window will appear, Click on Drop-down Menu, Choose Save as PDF.

click on drop-down
save as pdf

6. A pop-up screen will appear, enter the PDF file name and destination, Then click on Save.


7. Your file will be saved at destination location.

Important Note: Using the Manual approach user can save only specific content to PDF file. Attachments with the Email are not able to saved in Adobe PDF file using this format. Also, user cannot transfer multiple Outlook emails to PDF in one go. Sometime it gets challenging for the user to follow the Manual approach.

Method-2: Convert OLM File to PDF All Attributes

Using OLM Converter Tool you can easily Export OLM to PDF with attachments. This converter allow the user to transfer Mac Outlook OLM files to PDF in bulk.

It helps you to convert Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks & Notes all at the same time from OLM to PDF format. Best thing about this software is that it transfer all the files with attachment automatically.

OLM to PDF Converter Purchase Now

This tool provides you Advance Setting features like:

General Settings:

  • Naming Conversion: To save converted file name by Subject+ Date, From+Subject+Date, etc.
  • Categories: It will allow you to select the item you wishes to export like Email, Contacts, Tasks etc.
  • Date Filter: Allow you to save emails within specific date range.

Page Layout:

  • Margin: Apply Margin from software interface for the the Output PDF file.
  • Paper Layout: Allow page orientation for Landscape or Portrait and set page size in A4, A3, etc.

Bates Number:

  • Bates Number Format: User can set bates number position, increment by and start number.
  • Date Stamp: Choose Position and Date Format from software UI and the tool will convert OLM to PDF format and apply date stamp automatically.

Steps to Convert OLM File to PDF on Mac Machine 

Follow the below steps to transfer Mac Outlook OLM to PDF format in bulk. Follow the instructions mentioned in below sections:

Step-1. Export the Mac Outlook 2016 Data to OLM format using Export Option in the Tools Menu Bar. If you already have OLM file, then skip this step.

export to olm

Step-2. Download OLM to PDF converter and Install it on your Mac system and Add OLM File using Add File(s) or Folder(s) option.

Mac OLM Converter

Step-3. Navigate to the path and Select the OLM File and click on Open button.

Destination File

Step-4. Choose the Export type as PDF and Select Destination path along with applying advanced settings.

PDF File Formart

Step-5: Apply General Settings to get the desired output. It includes following options: 

  • Naming Convention: Choose the Naming convention to save the emails with required names accordingly. By default, Subject is the naming convention of the file.
  • Categories: Select the category items which you want to export
  • Date Filters: You can apply Date Filter to select and export email messages of the specific duration.

olm to pdf

Step-6: Option to apply Page Layout settings for better output. 

  • Margin: You can apply margin settings to maintain proper space in top, bottom, left and right directions.
  • Page Orientation: You can choose orientation of the PDF file i.e. Portrait or Landscape.
  • Page Size: You can select the size of the PDF page.

page setting for PDF

Step-7: You can apply customized Bates Number and convert OLM to PDF format.

  • Bates Number Format: Choose which number to start bates numbering from along with the incrementation rate and position.
  • Date Stamp: Choose the position and format of date you want to be shown on all the PDF files.
  • Click Save button to save all the applied settings.

export and apply bates number

Step-8: Apply the settings to manage attachments of OLM file. Choose appropriate option from list and convert OLM to PDF with attachments

  • Attachment on Pin: Add attachment in PDF as pin
  • Append Attachment: Convert attachment as PDF and append at end of email
  • Save Attachment: Save attachments in a folder in its original file format. It also provides naming convention for attachment.
  • Naming Convention for Attachments: Software allows you to choose naming options to save attachments while converting OLM to PDF format.

convert olm to pdf

Step-9. Choose destination path to save output PDF file and after that hit on Export button. Now the tool will start exporting OLM to PDF format.


olm to pdf converter final

Step-10: Navigate to the provides path and view all your emails with associated attributes from OLM to PDF file format. 

View output PDF file

Steps to Convert OLM to PDF Format on Windows Machine 

Windows OS users can follow the below listed instructions to export complete data from OLM to PDF format with attachments, contacts, calendars, task, journals, etc.

Requirements: You must have OLM file  and OLM to PDF converter for Windows OS. 

OLM to PDF Converter Purchase Now

Step-1: Download OLM to PDF converter and install it on your Windows 11 or below version. After that launch  the tool and hit Add File button.

home screen

Step-2: Navigate and browse OLM file that you want to export in PDF  file format. Select the OLM file and click on Open.

add OLM file

Step-3: Now the software will all the folders of OLM file in left panel. You can choose any folder and view corresponding details.  After this, hit on Export button from menu bar. 

olm to pdf for free

Step-4: Choose PDF radio button from the list and apply advanced settings (General Setting, Page Layout, and Bates Number). After that browse path to save Output after converting OLM to PDF format. Alt last hit on Export button.

free convert olm to pdf

Step-5: After completing conversion process, the software will show a successful message in a pop up window. You visit your provides path and all exported file. 

olm to pdf


Many Mac Outlook user faces problem while saving their Data/Records to Adobe PDF file. In this article we have guided you with the Step by Step method And explained you all features of both method to transfer Mac Outlook data to PDF format. If you wish to export OLM to PDF file in bulk then you can go for Method 2. It is easy and automated approach to convert OLM file to PDF format with attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Convert OLM to PDF in simple steps?

There are five simple steps that a user can follow are given below:

  • Step-1: Download and install OLM to PDF Converter on the system
  • Step-2: Click on Add File and upload the OLM file
  • Step-3: Preview OLM File data and click on Export button
  • Step-4: Choose PDF radio button as an export type
  • Step-5: Click on the Export button to begin the conversion process
Does the tool allows to export Mac Outlook 2016 OLM to PDF format?

Yes, OLM to PDF Converter software will let you export Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011 OLM file to PDF format

Can I run this application on Windows OS?

Yes, you can download and install this OLM to PDF software on any Windows OS version machine

Does the manual process discussed above same attachments also in PDF format?

No, if you convert OLM to PDF via manual solutions, then it will convert only emails from it not attachments.


By Ashwani Tiwari

I am an Expert Technical Analyst, specialized in assisting users with complex technological challenges. Through my blogs and articles, I offer expert guidance to help tackle these technical issues effectively. My true passion lies in providing valuable insights and simplifying complicated technicalities, enhancing user understanding and confidence.