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Know How to Copy Text from Encrypted PDF File

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On August 29th, 2022
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading

User Query: Hello, I have received some PDF files for my research work, but the PDFs are encrypted. Now I am trying to copy text from encrypted PDF file, and it is now allowing me to do. Is there any way out to decrypt these PDFs to copy the useful information?

After reading these types of queries, we noticed that several users have the same issues. They search on the internet to find solutions but don’t get satisfactory results. So, in this article, we have explained a few methods with proper steps to help users copy content from protected PDF file. These techniques will surely help users to unlock and copy text from PDF.

Before we move to the solution to copy text from a locked PDF, we need to understand the types of PDF Security levels.

Types of Security levels Used for a PDF File

To secure a PDF file, users have two options either they can apply the User-Level Protection Level or the Owner-Level protection level.

  • User Level Password

This can be applied to restrict the user from viewing the PDF file’s content. It requires a password to enter to view, edit, copy, and print the document.

  • Owner Level Password

This is used to restrict the user to use the features to copy, print, edit, and extract data from a PDF document. Without typing down the Owner Level Password user cannot copy text from encrypted PDF.

So, from here, we can understand that if a PDF file is secured with the Owner Level Password, then the user can view the files but cannot do such things as Copying, printing, editing, etc. On the other hand, if a PDF file has a User Level Password, then the user can’t even view the PDF file. So, in both cases, the user will need to enter the password to either view the PDF or use the functions on it.

Copy Text from Encrypted PDF Using the Advance Technique

In order to copy text from a PDF file, it is required to first unlock the PDF files. To do this task we suggest users look for the PDF Restrictions Remover Tool. Which is capable enough to unblock single or multiple secured files and let users easily copy their data from it. Moreover, this tool removes the restrictions for copying, printing, and adding comments. Also, it helps to sign a secured PDF document. The software is suitable for both Mac OS and Windows OS.

For Windows:

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For Mac:

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1- Download and install the utility to copy text from a locked PDF.

copy text from encrypted PDF

2- Now Insert the secured PDF to unlock using the Add Files/Add folders.

copy text from encrypted PDF

3- Choose the option to Save or Print, then click the Change button to set the file path.

copy text from encrypted PDF

4- Finally, press the Unlock button to initiate the process of unlocking the PDF files selected.

copy text from encrypted PDF

Copy Text from Encrypted PDF Using Google Chrome

  1. Locate the encrypted PDF file and open it with Google Chrome and enter the user-level password.
  2. Then press the “Print” icon and select the “Save as PDF option”.
  3. Finally, hit the Save button and select the folder in which the user wants to save the file.

Note – Before using this method, ensure that the PDF file does not have print restrictions else this will not work.

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It is important to keep your PDF password protected to make sure that no one can access or copy data from PDFs. However, on the other hand, it becomes impossible to copy text from encrypted PDF without entering the password. So, to help users, we have discussed useful methods to unlock PDF files and make it easier to copy text from multiple files. Along with that we have mentioned an automated solution to easily copy text from a locked PDF.