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Dedicated Server Hosting – A Quick Glance on Hosting Services

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On February 28th, 2022
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Starting with the basic fact about dedicated server hosting: It is like renting a virtual place on internet to host your WordPress, e-commerce, gaming, etc. Just like you rent a property, exactly like that, you rent space on the internet.

Knowing that everybody prefers having their own space as per their requirements, solely dedicated towards their work, hosting on a dedicated server provides the same experience.

The benefits include having the server to yourself, no need to share it with anyone else, upgrading of resources and apps as per requirement is made easier.

For having the best dedicated server hosting in India, consider this article as your personal guide.

There are several hosting providers that you will find upon searching for best providers, however, it is not true that all of the providers offer the best services.

To provide a clear vision to new users, we have come up with the best hosting provider.

We will first take a look at the benefits of hosting on a dedicate server and why it makes a great option.

Let’s jump right into it!

Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

This segment consists of all the positive aspects of a dedicated server:

1. High Performance: Having a dedicated server, the Uptime is increased to 99.995% where the traffic fluctuations don’t affect the performance of your website. Along with that, the resources are not shared with any other website than yours.

2. Full Control: Since you are paying for this server, there is complete control provided to you for installing any software or application as per requirement. The server can be customized if you have the best dedicated server provider in India and get your needed configuration.

3. Enhanced Security: As we know that security is the most important concern for every business that cannot be sacrificed. This advantage of having hosting on a dedicated server ensures that there is not even a single threat from the neighboring sites. In addition, security measures can be taken and customized as and when needed by your organization.

4. Sole-Dedicated Support: Because of the nature of the sites or applications that you have on a cost-effective dedicated server hosting, customer support is made available 24×7 by the professional hosting providers.

Let’s take a stroll to the most widely known provider.

Top-Rated Provider for Hosting on a Dedicated Server

From the ever-lasting list of hosting service providers, we have cross-referenced all the pros and cons of top 3 service providers. Among these 3 hosting providers, we are here with the best one users get the best experience.

Using the services provided by PCVTIA, there is no way that you will have any trouble or any issue that remains unresolved at any point of time.

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PCVITA – Best Dedicated Provider in India

The professionals being the most experienced hosting providers, work only for making the first experience of their clients the best one.

With their services, SSD-powered hosting services are provided with highly enhanced performance for an increase in the productivity.

This type of hosting is best-suited for all the sizes of companies, mostly large organizations getting loads of traffic.

There are robust security features along with an uptime of 99.995% for keeping the business safe, up, and running at all times.

Certain features offered are by this dedicated server hosting provider are:

  • Recovery from any disaster
  • Maintenance
  • Optimization of server
  • Updates
  • Configuration
  • Patching

With these services, the experts are always here to support their customers to resolve any query.

There are two types on dedicated servers provided to the clients that include services on Windows OS and Linux OS.

Both the services have various benefits and features offered for the best experience as explained in the upcoming segment. Understand these merits and find out why PCVITA is the best provider.

Advantages of PCVITA’s Low-Cost Dedicated Server Hosting

Following are the points to explained the benefits:

1. Full Admin Access: The dedicated server that you deploy on either Windows OS or Linux OS provide you will full access of it. Any changes can be made by you if needed to fulfill your business facilities.

2. Customization: With the help of the experts, you will be able to get exactly the same dedicated server of desired configuration along with complete support.

3. Highly Reliable: Since the data is stored in Tier-4 data center, it is made sure by the best dedicated server hosting provider that the services are managed. Also, a 99.995% of Uptime is provided to ensure stability.

4. Expert Support: For helping users in need, there is a team of our qualified experts available 24*7 to answer any query or resolve any situation in the technical arena.

5. Security: Using the DDoS protection, intrusion protection, advance firewall, and monitoring the data, it is made sure there is no breach in the data and nothing unfortunate happens to it.

6. Available in India: The dedicated server provider in India ensures that you have the facility to deploy your server in various states of India. These include Chandigarh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Odisha, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, and many more.

What Are the Best Functions Offered for Hosting on Dedicated Server?

Given below is list of all the functions including making this the best provider:

  • Stay focused on your business growth with the help of managed hosting.
  • Data safety with every type of security for the server and comprehensive defenses.
  • Deploy cost-economical dedicated server hosting at lowest prices that are under a user’s budget with high speed servers are provided.
  • Not even a single second of downtime with the Tier-4 Data Centers for your website visitors.
  • Expert support team available 24×7 for assistance in any situation with an option for live chat.
  • Have full root access of the server as per your required configurations in various states of India as mentioned above like Telangana, Gujarat, Chandigarh, etc.
  • Top-quality hardware and software server to run on Windows OS having the best processors.

That Would Be All

This was a tour for the most cost-effective dedicated server hosting wherein our professional services are a safe choice for any client looking for hosting on a dedicated server.

Now we know why hosting on a dedicated server is important or how it benefits a company. The best services are mentioned here with the features and functionalities to be offered.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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