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How to Delete Batches of Emails in Gmail? Shows Mass Deletion 

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: 19-Feb-2022 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Users keep asking queries regarding how to delete batches of emails in Gmail and a lot of them don’t even find the right solutions.

With this article, we aim to solve this problem of thousands of users globally. The methods that we are going to explain are tried and tested.

Before that, let’s gather some information about Gmail and a user’s behavior.

Web-based email services provide a universally accessible benefit due to which a lot of users prefer moving towards the cloud.

And why not, being able to access your data from any location, any device, at any time is more convenient than an on-premise server.

But this can also lead users to delete selected mail in Gmail. How?

As you can see the data is stored on the cloud server and is accessible to anyone who has the valid credentials. If a user who doesn’t have the credentials but is trying to barge into your account, he’s definitely trying to hack it and use your data.

Gmail doesn’t provide protection from such hackers even after the 2-step verification system.

This is why a major part of the users prefer storing their crucial & sensitive data someplace safe and delete them from the mailbox permanently.

But how?

Measures for Learning How to Delete Batches of Emails in Gmail

You can delete a certain batch of emails by choosing a specific category or time-period. This can be done by applying the manual method.

However, if you do not already have a backup of your data, it is suggested that you use the Google Takeout method to download all of your important emails.

This method can be quite complex and time-taking.

For a simpler technique, use the Trouble-Free Gmail Email Backup Tool to perform both the functions in a single operation.

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Manual Steps Explained to Delete Selected Mail in Gmail 

Before learning the steps of deletion, take a quick look at the steps for downloading the data using Google Takeout method.

1. To start, login to your Gmail account and go to the Data & Privacy section.

2. Choose Download or Delete your Data option and hit the Deselect All button in the next window.


3. Mark the Mails checkbox and click on the Next step.


4.  Set the Destination, File Size, & File Type. Click on Create Export to start.


The data might take time to export depending upon the size.

How to delete batches of emails in Gmail after downloading the data? Follow these steps:

1. In your Gmail account, choose the folder you want to delete the data from.

2. Enter the command in your Search bar to delete your choice of emails. For ex; “is:unread” to delete unread emails, or “category:social older_than:1y” to delete messages from the Social category that are older than a year.


3. After choosing your command, mark the Select All checkbox to select every message that displays in the page.


4. Click on the Select all conversations that match this search option to delete selected mail in Gmail. Hit the Delete or Trash option.


5. All the files will be moved to the Bin Go there.

6. Choose the Select All option and click on Delete forever button to remove only the selected messages.

7. Or, click on the Empty Bin Now option to delete all the emails present there.


8. Press the OK button for confirming the deletion.


This will remove every message that you want to delete. But, there is a chance that it might delete the important ones too.

Certain Drawbacks of Learning How to Delete Batches of Emails in Gmail Manually

  • The major drawback is that you need to perform different procedures for downloading the data and deleting it.
  • If a user is going through both the operations together, it takes more time than expected.
  • Since Google Takeout method is a time-consuming technique as it states that the download might take hours or days to complete, it is not feasible for users.
  • In case a user doesn’t take a backup and continues with the deletion method, there is a good chance that the important data might be deleted too.
  • When you delete selected mail in Gmail using the manual method, if other data is lost too, there is no way to get it back.

How Can You Overcome All the Limitations of the Manual Method? 

The best way out is the software mentioned above. It is a high-end solution which allows saving the data first and then deleting it from the server automatically.

There are a lot of features that the software provides for a selective or bulk transfer of emails. Users can apply any of the features as per choice to learn how to delete batches of emails in Gmail.

The functions of the tool are:

  • Several formats to choose from: PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, etc.
  • Date-filter for a selective data transfer from a specific period of time.
  • Delete after Download feature to export the data and remove it automatically.
  • Incremental Backup to download only newly received files after first transfer.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy to keep the structure the same throughout the process.
  • Compatible with all Windows OS versions as well as Mac OS versions.

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Find out how it works in the upcoming section.

Delete Selected Mail in Gmail Following the Steps of the Software

1. Launch the tool and fill in the details for your Gmail account. Click on the Login button.


2. After that, choose the format to save the export in and provide a destination location by pressing the Browse button.


3. Then, avail the Delete after Download feature to automatically remove the data after it has been transferred.


4. Use the Apply Filters option to make use of the filters available. Set dates in the Date-filter for a time-period & choose the folders in the Email-Filter.


5. Lastly, hit Start to end the transfer.


To Sum Up

Many users around the globe want to know how to delete batches of emails in Gmail which is the major objective of this article. Users are also given the knowledge of what drawbacks the manual method brings along.

The alternative of the manual solution is the software which has a higher success rate than it and is a recommendation by most of the experts.