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Do MBOX Files Contain Attachments? A Clear Vision on MBOX File Type

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On February 28th, 2022
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If you also want to know the right answer to the query “do MBOX files contain attachments?”, you have landed on the correct page. Here, you will be given all the answers and the files that MBOX contains in details. But before that, there are some users who are asking this question for different reasons. Let’s check out the following user queries to find out what these are.

User Query 1 – I want to know that if I want to save the attachments that I have received on my mail which are in MBOX format, will I be able to save only the attachments? There are a ton of attachments that I have which contain sensitive information and I have been looking for the answer to does MBOX file include attachments? If yes, what type?

User Query 2 – I need to extract the attachments from my mailbox as there are a lot of them and the space is filling up quickly. It is important that I reduce the space in my mailbox or it will start creating issues while sending, receiving, or saving the emails. Is there anyone who has any idea about how to extract these attachments?

The above mentioned queries show two different situations due to which a user might want to know if the MBOX files save the attachments or not. Find the answer and the solution to the user queries if you have similar issues, in the blog.

Note: If you directly want to check out the steps for the extraction, you can click here and jump to the section where the extraction process is explained.

Do MBOX Files Contain Attachments Answered

MBOX stands for Mailbox and the MBOX file is an email mailbox which is saved in a mail storage format that is used to organize messages from the mailbox in a single text file.

There are various email programs that use MBOX files and support it such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc. Now, to answer the question, MBOX files do contain the attachments that you receive in your mailbox.

Check out what kind of files are these:

  • Images (.jpeg, .png),
  • PDF files,
  • PowerPoint files (.ppt),
  • Word files (.doc, .docx),
  • Spreadsheets (.csv),
  • Zip files (.zip), etc.

You will find these types of files and more as an MBOX attachment. Now that you know what is saved in MBOX, take a look at the solution for the user queries.

Solution for Users to Extract Attachments

Once the users know that answer to does MBOX file include attachments, they are inclined towards solving their issues just like the two mentioned in the starting of this write-up.

Users can extracts their attachments and save them locally for whatever reason it is by making use of the MBOX Attachments Extractor Tool that can help them get the attachments from MBOX files without wasting a lot of time and effort.

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Learn a bit more about this tool in the upcoming segment followed by the performance instructions to pull out attachments from MBOX.

What Are the Key Advantages of Using this Application?

Some of the major features that the tool offers are explained below. It is indeed a simple yes to the question do MBOX files contain attachments. After knowing this, users have now decided to just get these files extracted to save space, or to keep the files safe, or to have a backup in case anything unfortunate happens.

Find the features and understand what is provided to you by the software for making the extraction process easier and better:

  • The software allows the users to take attachments out form multiple files or folders
  • There are filters offered to extract selective attachments by providing specific time period
  • Naming Convention option is support for files and folders
  • Folder hierarchy is maintained by the tool along with the attributes of the attachments
  • Choose to extract attachments by selecting a size (Up to and More than but below 100MB
  • Select the file type you want to extract by marking Include or Exclude
  • This tool supports both the Windows and Mac OS

How about we now understand the working of this tool? Let’s get right in there.

What Steps to Follow to Extract the Attachments?

Finally the users who have got there answer to does MBOX file include attachments are now eager to get the attachments and save them locally. Find out how:

1. Firstly, run the tool on your Windows or Mac OS and mark the radio button beside MBOX/MBS files. Click on Add File(s) option to choose the files you want to pull out attachments from.


2. Select the files and click on the Open button. Once all the files are displayed on the software, hit Next.


3. Mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option and choose to Create Folder for Each File Type or Create Single Folder Only. Hit Next.


4. Press the Change button to select the destination path and hit Next to move forward.


5. Apply Advance Filters which include Date-filter for selective extraction, File Size; if you want to extract attachments of a certain size, and File Type; if you want to take out specific files.


6. After all of that is done, hit Extract for a successful extraction procedure.


There You Have it!

Those users who have been facing trouble with finding the answer to do MBOX files contain attachments must have a clarity now. Here, we have given the answer to this query and a sure shot solution for the users with different situations asking this question. This software is available for both Windows and Mac OS users so that none of them find difficulty in looking for a way to get the attachments.


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