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Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Email? Dig in Here

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does office 365 backup your email

In this era of technology where every organization is switching on the cloud. Office 365 became a major necessary tool for organizational development. It is a subscription-based SAAS (Software as a Service) application that is designed to help people pursue their passion & grow their business. It has achieved it by combining best in class Apps like Excel, Outlook, OneDrive.

It provides you some excellent application like OWA, Skype, Hosted Services, Office Apps like PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, etc to ensure complete business services & you will only need to pay for what you have used.

But along with all of its excellent features, there is a loophole in his data backup structure. Microsoft does not provide any backup support for your Outlook 365, it clearly states:

does office 365 include backup

Here comes the next question –

Is It Really Need To Backup Data, Isn’t Data Safe On The Cloud?

Well, that is a myth in our society, that data stored in the cloud is safe & secure but in reality, approximately 32 % of organizations have faced data loss in cloud storage. The main reasons for data loss are Catastrophic failure, User errors, Malware, Hacking, Accidental deletion, etc.

To prevent this situation, there is a feature of the retention policy in Microsoft Office 365 that has a limitation of a limited period. But, again it is also not enough. That is when the need for an automated tool has arisen. We have one such tool which not only backup all your Office 365 mailbox data but also it will perform in a very secure way it is known as.

Use Smart & Automated MS Office 365 Backup Solution

Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Backup Utility is one of the most reliable Office 365 Email Backup solutions, which can save O365 mailbox items into different file formats. The tool is capable of backing up Office 365 to PST, EMLformat within few minutes. It is having a user-friendly interface, enabling a person to operate a product without any difficulty. It is the great answer of the question – Does Microsoft backup Office 365?

Download Free Office 365 Backup

What it Actually does?

It downloads Office 365 mailboxes in bulk and convert them into PST / EML file format. It is able to save Emails, Contacts, Appointments / Meetings into PST.

Along with that it:

  • Provides Granular Backup & Restore: You have the authority to backup only data you need in other words. A selective backup of the Exchange Online mailbox to PST allows you to manually select specific folders from the source mailbox which offers more control over what data is going to be backed up.
  • Provides Unlimited Data Retention Period:- It simply saves your backup copy of Office 365 emails, contacts, and calendars in your PC as long as you want.
  • Saves Minutes by Batch Processing:- It lets the administrator to backup single, multiple, or all mailboxes, including shared and primary mailboxes in one single batch. Likewise, restore the lost data from the backup PST file in multiple Office 365 accounts in one go.
  • Needs No additional server or resource needed:- It is a one-time investment software, which does not need any assistance. With Office 365 backup, secure emails, contacts, and calendars in preferred file format on a safe on-premise location. It consumes the least time to accomplish Office 365 backup and restore tasks.

How It Works & take backup of Office 365

Step: 1 Install and run this software on your computer. Opt office 365 as the source backup platform and Outlook as destination backup platform.

Step: 2 Prefer and select the required Office 365 mailbox items from the given list of emails, contacts, calendars and documents. Filter it by date filter if required for selective data backup.

Step: 3 Use admin account details such as admin ID and application ID to sign in in the portal and hit validate button in order to validate the permissions.

Step: 4 Now, define the destination location for saving the resultant PST file.

Step: 5 Select the required user mailbox from the given list and click on the start backup button.

What Say, Does Office 365 Backup Mailbox Email ?

Disasters never ask before happening. Similarly, a hacker will never notify before stealing your data. It is your responsibility to safeguard your data. Everyone thinks that our data on the cloud is safe. But what can we do about user mistakes, especially when Microsoft has clearly stated that you are responsible for your own data crashes on the cloud. That is why it is necessary to take help from professional tools like Office 365 Backup & Restore that can take care of our data from security threats & data crashes.


How can I be assured about my data not being stored on the server of this tool?
This is the most reliable and secure tool, and engineered in this way, that it never saves any user data or account credentials, etc., to its server or any third-party system.

Does this tool provide multiple Office 365 mailboxes at a single attempt?
Yes, it allows users to backup multiple user account’s data in a single go. Users can select single, multiple, or all the Office 365 associated user accounts to backup in a single attempt without any hassle.

Can we backup the Office 365 Calendar with this tool?
Yes, this utility helps users to backup emails, contacts, calendars, and documents into PST file format locally without any data loss. Users just need to enable the required mailbox items from the workload selection.