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Learn How to Enable Editing in Secured PDF Documents

Christopher Pete ~ Modified: August 29, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

In this era of sharing document data digitally, we see that the PDF format is used mostly. Multiple things like editing, copying, printing, and extracting text/data become possible in PDF. However, what if there is a restriction on the PDF files for editing? Generally, to prevent their sensitive data from getting leaked, the owner adds a restriction. But sometimes, it requires to enable editing in secured PDF. 

So, through this post, we will explain some methods that can be used to remove editing protection from PDF files.         

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By reading this article, you will get the solution for all the queries asked above. 

Methods that Can be Used to Edit a Protected PDF Manually

If the user is having a PDF file that has the Editing option “Disabled”. Then use the below-mentioned method that can help to remove the edit protection. Explore given methods and use the suitable one.

1.  Use Google Chrome to Enable Editing in Secured PDF

  • On your local system, search the PDF files which need to be edited.
  • Right-click on it and then press “Open With – > Google Chrome”.
  • Use the Print option and select “Save as PDF”, then press save. Set the path where the unlocked PDF files will be saved.

Note – While using the print option to enable editing in secured PDF, it will ask the User-Level Password, type it else it will not allow taking the print. 

2. Remove Edit Restriction Using Adobe Acrobat Application

When you open your PDF file and found that the Editing option is “Disable”. It means that the Owner of the PDF file has disabled the Editing option. So, to enable the option to make changes in the PDF. Then the user will need to perform some steps to Edit a protected PDF.

  • On the Acrobat DC program open the restricted PDF files.
  • Then follow the path by clicking on the ‘Tools’ > ‘Protect’ > ‘Encrypt’ > ‘Remove Security’.
  • Now, there are two cases:
  1. Owner Level password: hit the OK button to cancel it from the PDF file.
  2. User Level password: Enter the password and then click OK

Demerits: Enable Editing in Secured PDF Using Acrobat DC and Google Chrome

  • Owner password then is required, if not available then it will need to re-create the PDF, Acrobat DC cannot recover the password.
  • It is Acrobat Acrobat Pro DC is an Expensive application to use.
  • On google Chrome, it will not work in the case of PDF files having print restrictions. 
  • Some of the features might get missed while printing the document like hyperlinks, bookmarks, metadata, etc.

Automated Technique to Enable Editing in Secured PDF Documents

If the thinks that the above methods are not suitable, it will take time, and multiple times the same process will need to apply. Then, the best technique we can suggest is to Use PDF File Unlocker Software. That can perform the operation of removing the restriction and enabling the editing option. Using a few clicks you will be able to unlock a PDF file for editing. Moreover, this utility can be used to print, add signatures & comments, and copy text from an encrypted PDF file. This utility is available for both the OS MAC & Windows.

Explained the instructions to use this tool to Edit a Protected PDF   

For Windows:

Download Now Purchase Now

For Mac:

Download Now Purchase Now

  • Download and install the tool on your Windows/Mac machine.

enable editing in secured PDF

  • After launching the tool use the Add Files/ Add folder option for loading the secured PDF file for editing.

enable editing in secured PDF

  • Type password if the PDF files have else, then decide and choose the option Save or Print as per the need.

enable editing in secured PDF

  • Using the Change button will let you to the destination of the PDF file to store.

enable editing in secured PDF

  • Finally, to enable editing in secured PDF files, then press the Unlock button.

enable editing in secured PDF

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In general, the PDF file is used when it comes to sending or sharing data, and the manipulation of the PDF files becomes easier. Sometimes, it requires printing, extracting data, and editing a secured PDF file and it requires to enable editing in secured PDF files to modify the data. So, it is difficult to unlock a restricted PDF file. Hence, we have discussed some manual techniques which can be used to unblock the PDF. Moreover, we have also mentioned the automated tool which itself performs the entire task. If the other methods are not suitable then users can use this tool.