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All In One Solution to Export Outlook Emails To HTML File !

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 20th, 2021
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading

Hello, I am using Outlook 2013 in my organization. Some necessity arose and I need to open some emails on my home system that does not have Outlook. I want export Outlook emails to HTML file so that I can open them anywhere in any browser. But I do not know how to convert Outlook email to HTML format. Despite searching over Internet, I could not find anything useful. Please guide me with a trustworthy solution and help me solve my problem. Thanks!

The above scenario is just an example of different reasons why people need to export Outlook PST emails to HTML. Let us move directly to the solutions to this problem that many Outlook users are worried about.

Popular Techniques to Export Outlook Emails to HTML File

In this blog, we will illustrate two approaches to export emails and other data items of Outlook like contacts & calendars in the HTML format. Both these methods are used by thousands of people worldwide and gained popularity due to their reliability.

  1. Manually Exporting Outlook mailbox to HTML
  2. Automated Way of Email Conversion to HTML

Let us move to each section one after another to learn about the approaches in detail.

Manually Convert Outlook Email to HTML

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook email on Windows computer
  • Choose the emails which you want to save in the HTML format by clicking from the left panel
  • Navigate to the Menu bar to select File button
  • Choose the “Save As” option

  • A new dialog box will appear. Go to the location of the folder where you want to export Outlook emails to HTML.

  • Provide the “File Name” in the displayed box.
  • In the “Save As” drop-down menu, select HTML.
  • Finally, click on the “Save” button and perform data export.

A Professional Way to Export Outlook Emails to HTML

The manual method has some drawbacks. The major limitation is that every email has to be saved individually in HTML format. If you have 1000 emails, you need to repeat it 1000 times. In those cases, it becomes a tiring process. Do not worry, we have another trendy solution to handle bulk Outlook email export to HTML and that is Outlook to HTML Converter tool.

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How to Convert Outlook Email to HTML Smartly

Step 1. Launch Outlook to HTML Converter.

pst to html converter

Step 2. Add Outlook data file PST and preview emails.

add outlook pst files

Step 3. Click on Export and choose HTML.

convert outlook email to html

Step 4. Click Export to export Outlook emails to HTML.

export outlook emails to html

Here are some of the prominent features of the software:

Bulk Conversion of Files and Folders: This application can export emails from any number of Outlook folders and PST files.

Preview Emails before Conversion: Users can preview the complete email data on software before exporting.

No Outlook Installation Required: To Export Outlook emails to HTML, this tool does not need Outlook installation as it directly extracts data from PST file.

Migrate Corrupted Outlook PST File: Even if the Outlook data file is corrupted, the software will be able to successfully convert Outlook email to HTML.

Easy to Use Interface: Users with or without any technical knowledge can operate this tool. There is no chance of data loss or corruption no matter who uses this.

Virus-free Software: The tool contains no virus, malware, spyware or any such element that may harm your computer. The software also does not store any information of Outlook file.

Final Thoughts about Exporting Outlook Emails to HTML

One of the biggest disadvantaged of Outlook data file is it cannot be opened without Outlook installation. Due to this reason, people often have difficulty in accessing emails without Outlook. But transforming your emails in HTML format will resolve this problem and let you access email data on any web browser. To export Outlook emails to HTML file, go through the blog and get your work done in no time. Here, users can learn manual as well as automated methods to convert Outlook email to HTML format. So, without wasting any time, go for the solution as per your requirements.