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How to Export Outlook Express Emails by Date Range to MBOX File

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 23rd, 2021
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Summary: Are you looking for a solution to export DBX emails to MBOX file for a certain date range instead of the entire mailbox? If yes, then you have landed on the right page, in this write up we will explain to you the fastest way to export Outlook Express emails by date range to MBOX file format in a hassle-free manner.

Outlook Express is a desktop-based email client that lets the user save, send, receive, and manage email messages. It stores all the email messages in DBX file folders. Due to the advancement of the technology, Microsoft stopped providing support to it and now this email application is no longer in use.

So, to preserve the DBX files data or to use data with other email clients, it is required to export Outlook Expresses emails by date range to MBOX file. To make the workflow easy, automated tools are the best choice among users to perform the task efficiently.

Firstly, Let’s See

Reasons to Export Outlook Express Emails by Date Range to MBOX File

  • Outlook Express is an outdated email application that has extremely slow working speed.
  • If users want to switch from Outlook Express to Thunderbird or any MBOX based email client, then it is necessary to convert DBX file to MBOX format.
  • If users want to move from Windows XP to Windows 10, then users require to convert Outlook Express DBX files to MBOX to access it on various MBOX supported email application.
  • Outlook Express facilitates limited functionality to manage email data. Whereas, MBOX based email clients provide numerous advanced functions to manage data.
  • Outlook Express DBX files are highly prone to corruption, so users move toward a secure file format like MBOX.

Considering a scenario:

Hello, I am using Outlook Express from past 5 years and having a DBX file of more than 3000 email messages. I want to transfer only a selected range of emails from DBX file to MBOX format so that I can view my important emails in Thunderbird or Apple Mail on Mac OS. Now I am in trouble because I did not perform any type of migration before in my life. Can you suggest a simple and reliable solution that makes my task easy and provide an instant result, I’d greatly appreciate the help.”

Let’s dig deeper to resolve problems discussed in the query.

Best Way to Export Outlook Express Emails by Date Range to MBOX File

If you are looking for a solution that instantly converts a selected date range of Outlook Express emails to MBOX file, it is always recommended by the experts to use DBX to MBOX Converter. This marvelous program provides an option to add multiple DBX files individually or to add the folder containing all the DBX files at once into the software for fast conversion.

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This eminent utility allows users to export multiple email messages from DBX files for a given date range without any file size limitation. For this users need to enter dates in “To” and “From” fields. Then the software will convert only the emails that were sent/receive within the provided date range to MBOX format. 

The interface of the software is highly self-instructive and user friendly so that users do not need any prior technical knowledge to perform the conversion task.

Steps to Export DBX Emails of a Selected Time Period to MBOX

Step 1. Download and install the tool and click on Add File to add DBX files into the tool.

Step 2.  Software will provide two selection options:

a. Load from configured Outlook Express Profile

If you have Outlook express profile configured in your system, then select this option, it will automatically load the files from its default location.

b. Select file(s)/folder from file system

If you have an orphan Outlook Express DBX files then select this option. For this, you need to manually browse the location of the DBX file/folder and then click on Next button.

Step 3. Preview DBX emails with attachments in multiple view modes.

Step 4. Click on the Export button to export the emails of DBX files.

Step 5. Click the radio button corresponding to the MBOX option and then go to Advanced Settings.

Step 6: Set the Date Range to migrate a specific range of data from the DBX files and click on Save.

Step 7. Click on the Browse button to provide the destination location for output MBOX file and finally, hit the Export button.

Done! In a few simple steps, you can export Outlook Express emails by date range to MBOX file without losing a bit of information.

 Awesome Benefits of using this Utility

  1. While exporting DBX emails of a selected time-period to MBOX, the tool preserves the integrity and confidentiality of data.
  2. The utility comes with a consistent interface so that any user can access without any technical knowledge.
  3. Using the solution, you can completely or selectively export mailbox data to MBOX file within few minutes.
  4. This tool does not require the installation of other applications to move Outlook Express emails by date range to MBOX file formats. 
  5. You can save the resultant MBOX file at the desired location.
  6. It is an error-free solution that provides complete accurate results.
  7. It supports all versions of Windows Operating System. You can run the software on the desired platform.


At some point, you might experience the need to export only selected range emails from DBX files to MBOX format. This simple task might require a lot of effort if you do not know the right procedure. So, here we have mentioned a simple and reliable method in a detailed manner that will resolve all the problems faced by users when they export Outlook Express emails by date range to MBOX file format.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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