Extract Email Addresses from Outlook: Top Solutions

Sherry James | July 24th, 2020 | General, how to, MS Outlook

Looking for some easy solutions to extract email addresses from Outlook? If yes, this blog will guide you step by step. Here we will explain methods that helps you to extract all email addresses from Outlook. Read this user query before going into the main discussion.

For last few days, my Outlook 2016 is not working and I have gone literally mad. I have tried scanpst.exe and other methods to fix the corruption but failed miserably. The contact details of some clients are crucial for the survival of my business. Hence, I want to export email addresses from Outlook using some easy method. If you know any such method, please enlighten me. Thanks.

Outlook offers contact management system along with email messaging but people need to move its address book data to other platforms. Many Outlook users want to extract all email addresses from Outlook but are not aware of the correct solution. To help them out, we are going to discuss two useful methods in this blog. Read on to learn the full guide to these methods.

Multiple approaches are available for email id extraction from MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. This blog will focus on a free native solution and an instant approach to perform this task.

Free Method to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook

Many of us are not willing to spend any extra bucks to retrieve email addresses from Outlook. For those people, the manual or the free method will turn out to be extremely beneficial.  Here are the detailed process steps of manually extracting Outlook email addresses.

1. Open Outlook and click on File -> Open& Export-> Import and Export

2. Select Export to a File option and then click on Microsoft Excel or a CSV file.

3. From the Outlook profile tree structure, select the contacts folder to extract email addresses from Outlook.

4. Click on Browse button to select the file location.

5. Select Map Custom Fields. This will display all available fields in that folder.

Since we only want email addresses, click on Clear Map, and drag From: (address) from left to the right

6. Click on Close button and then Finish button on the next screen.

Tip: If you suspect that the file might contain duplicate contacts and you want to remove them, here is a trick. Open the saved file in Excel and sort them alphabetically. When you see any contact redundant contact, delete that.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are a number of drawbacks you have to face if you apply the manual method.

1. Users need to have Outlook installation and Outlook should be working.

2. The method comes with multiple steps which can create confusion among inexperienced users.

3. You cannot extract Outlook email addresses from orphan PST file.

4. If the PST file is damaged or corrupted or the contact files are deleted, this method will not work.

5. Selective email address extraction is not possible.

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Instant Solution to Extract All Email Addresses from Outlook

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As you can see, the manual method comes with a number of downsides. To avoid them, most users choose the instant solution Outlook PST Extractor to extract PST file. This application is an easy to-use tool that can extract all contacts of Outlook emails straight from the PST file. This is how you can extract email addresses from Outlook using this tool:

Step 1. Open the software and click on Add File button.

add file

Step 2. Add the PST file from which you want to extract contacts.

extract email addresses from outlook

Step 3. Select the contact folder from the left and on the right, select vCard.

select vcard

Step 4. Choose the location to save the output data.

select destination

Step 5. Click on Export button to extract all email addresses from Outlook.

extract all email addresses from outlook

Plus Points of Using PST File Extractor for Outlook Contacts Extraction

If one chooses this software, users will get an ample number of benefits. Some of them are:

  • The tool comes with an idiot-proof interface that anyone can use.
  • MS Outlook installation is not mandatory to run this tool.
  • Facility to extract from orphan ANSI and Unicode PST file
  • Selective email address extraction in VCF format is feasible.
  • The tool extracts email id from corrupted and damaged PST files
  • Windows based application runs on Win 10, 8.1. 8, 7


Contacts are important for both personal and business usage. If you are willing to extract email addresses from Outlook, this blog will help you in that matter. Two commonly implemented methods have been discussed here from which, users may choose the one they prefer. Since the free method gives rise to different issues and not effective in all situations, the suggested software is the right solution to extract all email addresses from Outlook without loss.