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Horde Backup All Emails – Get 100% Safe & Accurate Solution

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: March 2, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Have you ever tried to execute the process for Horde backup all emails or is this the first time you will be going through it?

Well, if this is the first time, you have landed on the correct page for the backup process. Let’s start by learning a few things about Horde, shall we?

Now, we know that Horde is an email application on the cloud and stores all of its data on the cloud server.

But do we know that the data is kept safe at all times?

Not for sure, right?

This clears up why there is a need to backup Horde emails. Apart from that, we know that Horde can be configured with both POP3 & IMAP configurations.

Today’s blog will be focusing on the procedure to backup data files that are created in the Horde webmail with IMAP configuration.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) allows users read their messages on the server only. Meaning, when you open an email, you email client contacts the server to connect you to your message so that you can read it.

How can one create a backup though?

Making Horde Backup All Emails an Easy Operation Via Smart Tool

Yes, we will be using a tool. It is the Instant IMAP Email Backup Software which is capable of exporting emails from your webmail in desired format at your choice of location.

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The software can easily download emails in bulk from a mailbox which can later be accessed in any supported email client.

Want to backup selective emails? Use the Date-filter.

Need to free up space in the server? Apply the Delete after Download feature.

Thinking of using the tool again? Avail the Incremental Backup feature.

How Can You Use the Tool to Backup Horde Emails? Find Out Here

1. Install the software & choose your domain. Login to your account & provide the IMAP Server & Port No. details.

viewing modes

2. Select the format as per requirement and apply the Advance Settings for the same. Here, we are going for the EML format.


3. Here, you can set the dates in the Date-filter for a selective time-period and apply the Naming Convention feature for renaming emails.


4. Choose the destination by clicking on the Change field and mark the Delete after Download & Maintain Folder Hierarchy option.


5. Complete Horde backup all emails process by clicking on the Start Backup button.


If you ever want to create a backup of your emails in the future using this tool, you can simple use the Incremental Backup option.

It will help you to export only the new data and avoid all the previously downloaded emails to avoid duplicity errors.

How About a Manual Method for the Same Backup Operation?

There are certain users who want to know if there are any manual methods to backup Horde emails or not.

So, for such users, we are here with the manual method, the direct way to export the emails locally. These files will be saved in MBOX format.

Follow the steps in the list below:

1. Login to your Webmail account on any web browser and choose Horde as the default webmail app.


2. Choose the email(s) that you want to take a backup of.


3. Right-click on the message and a drop-down will appear.

4. Select the Export option from the drop-down.

hit export

5. Click on the Download into MBOX file or Download into MBOX file (ZIP compressed) option.


6. The Horde backup all emails process will start and the data will begin to download soon.

7. After the process completes, you can find the files in .mbox or .zip extension.

It is difficult to download the emails from a specific time-period or filter the emails as it will take up a lot of time. You will have to filter the emails manually which is a time-consuming procedure.

This method is not recommended for bulk transfer of emails which is just another one of the drawbacks that it brings along.

What is the Need to Perform the Horde Backup All Emails Process?

There are various reasons for which taking a backup of your data becomes essential:

  • If there is ever a case of data deletion due to account hacking, having a backup can come in handy and provide you with an access to the emails.
  • Overcoming accidental deletion is possible if you save your emails as backup on the local file.
  • It is helpful if to have a backup if there is any virus or malware attack on your mailbox.
  • Works as a second layer of protection.

Walking Towards the End

The methods for Horde backup all emails operation should always be at your hand as there is no certainty that your data is safe on the cloud.

Even though cloud-based email clients provide various useful features, it still doesn’t guarantee full safety to your data. This can easily be overcome by taking a backup of your data using either of the methods you find in this article.