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How to Fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On January 3rd, 2023
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sql server recovery pending

Microsoft SQL Server database is one of the most widely used and advanced relational database management systems. The primary function of this application is to store and retrieve data requested by other applications. Sometimes the SQL server database users have to face technical issues. And these issues very are difficult to solve. Recovery pending in SQL Server database is a common problem faced by the administrators or SQL server users. Which causes immense inconveniences in accessing the SQL server database

So this problem-tackling blog will intend to educate you on how to bring the database online from recovery pending in SQL server. We will also discuss the reason behind recovery pending in SQL server database. Before proceeding to the solution part let us first discuss the Recovery pending state present in the SQL server.

What is Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database

If your database is in recovery pending state, It means that your database recovery process failed, because of missing files or potentially due to resource-related reasons. Also preventing the SQL server database from being recovered but the database is not damaged. This type of database will be unavailable for the user’s access.

This type of state has been denoted by the Recovery Pending word beside the database name. If you’re having this SQL server recovery pending state, then keep reading this blog till the end to get a decent solution that even experts recommend to users. 

Reasons Behind SQL Database Recovery Pending Mode

This kind of situation of recovery pending in SQL server database occurs when the database recovery is required but it cannot be initiated. Some of the possible reasons behind this error.

  • Sometimes the user database is not properly shut down. In case If there at least one uncommitted transaction is active at the time when the database is shut down.
  • Due to corruption in the MDF files or Log files.
  • When the database partition full or due to lack of memory space.
  • Due to Power failure or Hardware failure issues.

Know How to Bring Database Online From Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Manually

In this method, the user has to start to repair the database forcefully. You just need to run the SQL queries.

1. Run the following queries to fix recovery pending state error.


2. After executing the above queries the SQL server database is marked as READ_ONLY by the emergency mode, disable logging and grant access only to the system administrator.

3. This will help to resolve the corruption and bring the database online fixing the recovery pending state in SQL server database issue.

Downsides of This Manual Process to Solve Recovery Pending State Issue

There are various limitations of this manual method. Before starting the manual process the user should have proper backups of the database. If you are unsure then the user must not perform any of these methods. Because It requires strong technical knowledge to perform this process.

One-Stop Solution to Fix Recovery Pending in SQL Server Database 2019, 2017, & Below

Taking the help of Expert Solution is the best way to fix this problem. To resolve this issue the user can try the PCVITA SQL Database Recovery Tool. This is an Enterprise-Grade level professional software that helps the user to recover the SQL server database easily. The user can easily recover corrupt as well as damaged SQL server MDF file data. With the help of this utility, the user can easily restore only one table, multiple table, entire database, and SQL Server database objects such as views, stored procedure, functions. This software has a self-explanatory user interface so that everyone can easily use this software with ease.

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This software allows the user to recover deleted SQL database objects and also shows the preview of deleted SQL table records in red color.

Steps to Fix Database in Recovery Pending in SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, & Below

Step-1. Install and Launch the Software on your machine and click on Add file.

Step-2. Now choose the MDF file, Select Advanced Scan option, and also choose the SQL Server version. ( Check the option recover deleted objects if you want to recover deleted data).

Step-3. Now the Software will Preview the SQL Server database components.

Step-4. Click on Export button and fill the required details to export the SQL database to SQL Server.

Why Should You Choose the Software to Solve Recovery Pending in SQL Server Database Issue?

There are a lot of features that a user can make use of while trying to fix the recovery pending issue. A few of these features are as mentioned below:

  • Two scanning modes are offered; Quick Scan mode and Advance Scan mode.
  • The tool is capable of recovering secondary database files (NDF) as well seamlessly.
  • Option to save these files in SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compatible Scripts.
  • This automated solution supports all the ASCII and UNICODE XML datatypes easily.
  • Use the Date & Category filters for selective recovery to solve recovery pending SQL server.
  • It scans the SQL server version & name automatically & even offers a manual option for that.
  • This software is compatible with SQL Server versions 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and lower versions.

Final Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed the problem of how to bring the database online from recovery pending in SQL Server database. We have also discussed the various possible reasons for this problem. To resolve this issue the user can try the manual process. But in case if the users are unsure about the manual procedure then the user can take the help of an Automated solution to resolve this problem.

User Reviews

I really liked this tool for the recovery of SQL Server database as it solved all of my problems. I recommend all the users that if they are facing any problem related to SQL databases like SQL server recovery pending or any other, this is the best solution available today.
– Bowen Davidson, U.S.A

It was a year ago when I first used this utility to get rid of the SQL recovery pending state & surprisingly it worked really well. I tried a couple of other solutions as well but they went as effective as this one. You guys can trust this one as it takes care of your data files.
– Hazel Mccarty, United Kingdoms

After trying three different useless tools, one of my friends suggested me the PCVIITA solution to repair & then also recover the database objects that were corrupted. It worked smoothly & I didn’t feel like giving any effort at all. There are plenty of advanced features to get the database out of SQL database recovery pending state & there are no errors present this way.
– Selena Hale, U.S.A


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.