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Best Way to Copy SQL Table Data From One Server to Another

Sherry James ~ Published: November 16, 2021 ~ 3 Minutes Reading

There are a number of ways you can copy SQL table data from one server to another. You can use command and do it manually.

To Try Manually You Can Run This Command:

Step-1: Script your table on the target server using your scripts from the “Script Table As / Create Script” step

Step-2: Afterwards, on another (target) server, you can issue a T-SQL statement:

INSERT INTO dbo.YourTableNameHere
FROM [SourceServer].[SourceDatabase].dbo.YourTableNameHere

You can also use the Backup and Restore method or Import/ Export wizard in SSMS.

But here, I am going to elaborate on the best automated method that is using an SQL Server Migration tool for a precise and fastest way to transfer SQL table data to another server.

Let’s learn about the tool and see how you can perform the process!

Professional & Best Automated Way to Export SQL Data

Let us look the software’s features:

1. Export SQL Server Records & Schema to Another Live SQL Server or SQL Scripts

2. Transfer Offline MDF File to a live SQL Server

3. Also, can save Offline file to SQL Scripts

4. Provides SQL Server Database transfer Within the Network

5. Copy or export Tables, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures, Triggers, & Rules

6. Permission to export SQL Server Database with Schema or both Schema & Data

7. Allow to Create New Database to Save in the Same Database

8. Provides SQL Database Recovery and Export Corrupted Database

9. Compatible with All SQL Server editions- 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, etc.

Free Download – Allows 25 Items 

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Now let us see the tool’s steps!

How to Copy SQL Table Data From One Server to Another

Perform these steps after installing the tool:

Step-1: Click on “Open” to load all your files.

automated tool for SQL Server data Migration

Step-2: Here you have to choose between Online and Offline mode. Tool migrate data in 4 ways: Live Server to either Live Server or SQL Scripts, Offline File to either Live Server or SQL Scripts. You want to copy SQL table data from one server to another, choose “Online Mode”.

choosing online or offline mode

Step-3: Provide “Server Name”, you can use drop-down menu for it. Also Provide Authentication details and Select Databaese. Press “OK”.

Server database authentication

Step-4: After Scanning process, all your data will be loaded for the selcted databases. You can view the records. Then, Click on “Export”.


Step-5: As you want to export data to another SQL Server, choose “SQL Server Database”, its authentication. You can also choose the existing databse or create a new one. At last, choose whether you want to export “With only schema” or “With Schema & Data”. You can choose “Tables” ( left side panel) side. Click on “Export” again.

Export SQL Table



In this blog, you learnt how to copy sql table data from one server to another using an automated tool. It is the best way to copy SQL table to another server because:

  1. It is fully automated, hence takes less time.
  2. It is Cheaper than Microsoft SSMS.
  3. It is safe, secure and erorr-free.