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Learn How to Extract All Attachments from Thunderbird? Complete Guide

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 31st, 2021
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you using the Thunderbird email application to send/receive email messages and looking for a solution to extract email attachments on the local machine. If yes! Then your search ends here. You can extract all the email attachments in just a few minutes. Surprised to hear this? Don’t be…..! It’s true. In this blog, we will show you a simple and reliable approach by which you can extract all attachments from Thunderbird easily.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client that stores emails and other mailbox items in MBOX files. These files preserve the integrity of email messages and other mailbox items. It is pretty common that the sending and receiving of emails is a continuous process, which makes the size of the MBOX files becomes larger. The main reason for the increase in MBOX size is the attachment files that have been attached to the emails.

Within email messages, users can attach numerous files irrespective of the file format. However, there are some situations in which users need to extract attachments from Thunderbird. As the attachments are the major reason for the increase in mailbox size, which leads to various problems like corruption of files, effect on the performance of the application, creating problems while sharing large-sized MBOX files, data loss, and various other issues.

Let’s consider a scenario to understand the circumstance more clearly:

Hello, I am using Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive emails in my organization. Recently I faced, we need only attachments of more than 1000’s of emails. Opening every mail and then downloading the attachments is a very complex and time-consuming process. Can you please suggest a reliable way to extract attachments from multiple emails (Thunderbird) in bulk? Thanks! , I’d greatly appreciate the help”

Now Question Arises

How to Extract All Attachments from Thunderbird Emails in an Easy Way

Although Mozilla Thunderbird provides free add-on that allows users to extract attachments. But it exposes various flaws such as complicated steps, time-consuming processes, need technical expertise to perform the extraction process, and many more. Thus, to overcome all these complications, it is always recommended to use relevant automated software.

The most simplest and trustworthy way to extract all attachment from Thunderbird emails is by using professional software to extract MBOX attachments. This is a powerful program to save attachments from all MBOX file/folders or from the selected folders.

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The tool has the capability to extract attachments selectively by applying the date-filter. Moreover, this software provides a file naming option with which you can save the resultant files by selecting the appropriate naming pattern.

Note: If you have saved the emails from Thunderbird in EML format, you can download the EML Attachment Extractor Tool from here.

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Let’s See the Working of the Wizard to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird

In this subsequent section, we will discuss the step by step procedure to extract the attachments:

Step 1: Download and run the tool on your system. Click on the MBOX/MBS radio button and choose ‘Add file(s)’ option.


Step 2: Select the MBOX files you want to extract attachments from and click on Open button. Move further by hitting Next.


Step 3: Mark the check box against the required Folder Hierarchy option and choose between Create Folder for Each File Type or Create Single Folder Only.


Step 4: Click on Change button to choose a destination location for the resultant files and hit Next.


Step 5: Apply the Date-Filter and File Filters to choose a specific file size and what file types to include or exclude.


Step 6: Give a naming pattern to the attachments and folder in the Naming Convention field and hit Extract.


By following above-mentioned steps you can extract all attachments from Thunderbird on your local system.

Why Choose The Professional Software

1. High Security

The security of the selected software is always the main concern of users. It is an award-winning tool and suggested by many professional and non-professional users around the world. It is 100% safe and secure to download and effectively extract attachments from Thunderbird and will not bring any damage to the original data.

2. Powerful Functions

This application is specially programmed to save attachments on the local machine. Mainly, this tool comes under the best applications due to its enriched features and functionalities.

3. Simple Operation

Its user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy for all users to start exporting session. This software provides an understandable and smart user interface. So, a novice user can extract the attachments without taking any expert assistance.

4. Wide Compatibility

The software is compatible with all the versions of the Windows Operating System and also supports all email clients that use the MBOX file to store their data.

5. Availability of Free Demo Version

A Free demo version of the tool to extract all attachments is available for the user to understand the working of the software. So, initially, you can try the demo version of the software.


If you do not know the right procedure, then a simple task becomes a tedious one. In the same way, users who do not have technical knowledge may face problems while extracting attachments using free attachment extractor Add-ons. That add-on does not work on the current versions of Thunderbird. Therefore, we have discussed the most simplest and effective way in a detailed manner by which you can easily extract all attachments from Thunderbird emails without compromising data integrity.

Common Queries

Is there a free method to get the extraction job done?

There is a free add-on “AttachmentExtractor Continued” add-on available, but it works for Thunderbird 60-68.* version only.

I have Thunderbird 78 installed on my Windows. What methods can I use to download the email attachments?

You can either save them manually from each and every email message or you can use the recommended software to get the job done.

How to Extract Thunderbird Attachments with software?

4 Simple Steps to extract attachments from Thunderbird:
Step 1: Click “Add Files” and add multiple Thunderbird MBOX files.
Step 2: Select “Destination Folder” after Thunderbird files are processed.
Step 3: Apply extract filters & Naming Convention for attachments.
Step 4: Click “Extract” to start extracting Thunderbird attachments.

Does the software delete attachments from Thunderbird after extracting them?

No, the attachments remain there. It only creates a copy of all the Thunderbird attachments on your local machine.

I am a Mac user. How do I use this tool?

The tool defined here is Windows oriented. But it is also available for Mac. You can go to the official page to use the Mac version.