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How to Recover Deleted Files From USB Drive After Format – With Full Guidance

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: March 4, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

“Can anyone please suggest me an instant solution to how to recover deleted files from USB drive after format. I already tried so many methods but they all make the situation worse. Now, I want an appropriate way to recover the lost files. Any help would be gratifying. Thanks in advanced.”

Loss of important data due to formatting the USB drive is a commonly occurring issue these days. This is faced by several users. Mainly, users attempt this practice while they are working with a pen drive and it starts prompting an unknown error. With formatting a flash drive they try to resolve an error they encounter. So, we considered this issue and came up with this comprehensive blog to help you understand how to recover lost files from pen drive.

Hence, we are going to reveal an eminent approach for the users to utilise. But, before proceeding further initially, go through the below-outlined difference between quick format and full format.

After understanding these two terms hopefully, you will grasp the topic accurately. Let’s get going further.

usb drive

Quick Format VS Full Format USB Drive

Now, that we are talking about formatting before learning the methods to recover deleted files from USB drive, know that it is defined as two types i.e. quick format and full format. They both are totally different from each other. Hence, in this section, we have mentioned the difference between Format and Quick Format. Let’s understand these terms properly.

Quick Format

The quick format only wipes the journaling part of the file system in a pen drive. Here, you should know NTFS, ext3, ext4, and HFS+ simultaneously, are all journaling file systems. All in all, the quick format completely deletes the journal and lays a new, simple, and blank file system. Now, learn what full format is before skipping to the process to recover lost file from pen drive.

Full Format

A full format is defined, as it completely removes the data from your USB drive. But, there is a myth that after full, there shouldn’t be any recoverable data left. All the data becomes invisible but it can be retrieved if it has not been overwritten. Moreover, a full format checks your pen drive for bad sectors and makes your USB error-free.

After knowing the difference between quick and full format USB drive, now, its time to move further to resolve the issue.

Recover Deleted files from USB Drive After Format by Using Reliable Tool

There is no free solution to get the files back after formatting them. But do not worry! You can download and try the USB Drive Data Recovery Software.

Mainly, this application facilitates smart functionalities which help to implement the secure data recovery process. However, it is a pure example of user-friendliness. It comes with an easy-to-use interface so, non-technical users can also perform the recovery processes without taking any external help. Despite that, it also consists of some more unique features. The following are listed in the upcoming segment. Let’s get an instant look:

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Prominent Features of the Software

This application to recover lost files from pen drive is programmed with effective and efficient features that helps you to recover deleted files. We are going to disclose some of these features in this section.

  • Retrieve videos, images, documents, etc. from a USB drive
  • Instantly recover data from pen drive, without losing any data
  • Offers an individual option for Formatted Scan and Scan
  • It has users friendly interface anyone can recover it
  • Recover the data as per requirement by applying category filter
  • Available for all the versions of Windows OS.

How to Recover Deleted Files From USB Drive Via the Wizard?

Here, in this section, you will get the instructions to execute the recovery process of all types of lost data from pen drive. All the steps are discussed appropriately, you just have to follow all of them to get the expected outcome.

Step 1:- Firstly download and run the utility on your Windows machine.

How to Recover Deleted Files From USB Drive After Format

Step 2:- Now, users can select formatted scan option to recover deleted files from flash drive after format.

how to recover deleted files from flash drive after format

Step 3:- Here, you have to preview all the recovered files and folders in the right pane of the application.

recover deleted files from flash drive after format

Step 4:- Finally, save the restored files from the pen drive at any desired location.

recover deleted files from flash drive after format

Important Note!

When you recognize that you lost your crucial data and want to recover lost files from pen drive, you should immediately stop that existing thumb drive. Because if you add new data, it will overwrite the previous data. And once the data is overwritten then it becomes impossible to retrieve it.

Its Time to Conclude

There are times when a user mistakenly formats the data in his/her pen drive or USB drive. In such case, it becomes a panicky situation for the users who do not have any knowledge about the drives. It is always suggested to stop working on the drive if you have deleted the data from it by mistake so that the data isn’t overwritten.

This is why, in this flawless guide, we have mentioned amazing tips and tricks to resolve the most commonly asked query such as how to recover deleted files from USB drive after format. We can say with assurance that after reading the complete write-up, you will get rid of your issue adequately.