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How to Repair Corrupt 2010 Powerpoint File

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On December 20th, 2021
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Are you trying to repair PowerPoint file of 2010 / 2007 Microsoft Office? Since damaged PowerPoint files have become a commonplace thing, a significant number of people look for repairing methods. That is why we have chosen to tell you how you can repair a PowerPoint 2010 file and get rid of its corruptions. Prior to the main discussion, here are two related queries found in the forums. You can check if your problem matches with them or not.

Query 1: Being an Office 2010 user, I cannot open any presentation using PowerPoint application. Whenever I try to open any PPTX file, it says “PowerPoint found unreadable content in Presentation .pptx” Even if I click on Repair button when prompted, it shows another error. I have tried opening the same file on other systems but with no luck. But I couldn’t find reliable solution.

Query 2:I have been trying to open a file in PowerPoint 2007 in Windows, but I keep getting an error message that says, “PowerPoint can’t open this type of file”. I have no idea what the problem is. Other MS Office files seem alright. Tell me how to repair a PowerPoint 2007 file in windows operating system?

How to Repair PowerPoint 2010 Files?

There are some manual tricks available to repair PPTX files. In this part, we will talk about two different techniques that will help recover data from PPTX files.

  • If You Can Open the PowerPoint 2010 File

Some PowerPoint files can be opened but there are some issues with those files. In this case, users can try to resolve it by saving that file in Rich Text format. Users must remember that graphics and charts cannot be saved using this method.

a. Open the damaged PPTX file and then click on Microsoft Office ribbon.

b. Click on Save as option Other Formats.

c. Select Outline/RTF(*.rtf) for ‘Save File As’ Type.

d. Enter a name for the file in the File Name box and choose a target folder.

e. Click on Save and close the file.

f. Open PowerPoint and click on the Office ribbon.

g. Select Open and a dialog box will appear.

h. In the ‘File Type’ category, choose All Outlines or All Files.

I. Select the RTF file you have saved earlier and click on Open.

j. The outline view of the corrupt PowerPoint file will get displayed.

Method2: PowerPoint Viewer to Repair PowerPoint File

Microsoft office user can try PowerPoint viewer for inaccessible PPTX Files. First you needs to download this tool from this link. Download & Install this free viewer software to open corrupt powerpoint file of 2010 / 2007 version files.

Method 3: Safe Mode to Open PowerPoint File

Safe Mode can also be used to open the word file. Since in this mode not all the option offered by the application but you can perform basic operations on it. Follow the steps to repair PowerPoint File.

a) Open Start Menu and in Search Box Write ” powerpoint / safe” to open the PowerPoint application

b) Now just “Browse the location of PowerPoint point to open it in Safe Mode”.

If Safe mode procedure can’t open your powerpoint file then you can try automated solution to repair the powerpoint file.

Method: Use New Presentation File to Repair PowerPoint File

Here we try to use New presentation to repair corrupted PowerPoint File, For that we create a new presentation and try to add the inaccessible PowerPoint File. For that you can follow the following methods:

1) First Open PowerPoint application.

2) Now use the “New Slides ” option to repair and restore PowerPoint File again.

3. Using the Reuse Slides section task pane, browse the damage file to open the PowerPoint file

4. Insert all the slides, which needs to repaired and open in New presentation File and at last save the resulted presentation with new name.

Method 4: Repair Office Programs

One of the common solution to repair Powerpoint File. It is not necessary that file is corrupted, you can check the office application first, whether the office application issues while opening the PowOfficet file. By using Control panel to repair the complete Offcie program. Follow the Common steps:

1. Open Control Panel, and then Programs sections.

2. In Programs and Features, click on Uninstall a program option

3. Select the desired Microsoft OfficeStarter 2010 or 2007 version & then click Change.

4. Now Click the box by Remove all Office user settings related to this product.

5. Click on repair to start the process.

Repair Powerpoint File – Automated Solution

If you are unable to open your PowerPoint file or even after opening, find some of its elements missing, PowerPoint Recovery Tool can help you resolve the issues. This PowerPoint 2010 file repair tool is equipped with the state of the art technology that can repair even the most severe corruptions. In most cases, users lose some of the key components of PPTX files like layout and formatting, theme, hyperlink, table, chart, animation, image, multimedia file, etc. With the help of this tool, users can get back all items of a PowerPoint file including the ones mentioned here.

In most cases, users lose some of the key components of PPTX files like layout and formatting, theme, hyperlink, table, chart, animation, image, multimedia file, etc. With the help of this tool, users can get back all items of a PowerPoint file including the ones mentioned here.

1. Preview Modes: The preview can be done in Normal Mode, Slide sorter mode, reading mode, etc. Users can zoom in /out the file during preview and check out the animations.

2. Add Multiple Powerpoint File: Option of bulk repairing of multiple PowerPoint files. Users can add files using Add File (s) or Add Folder option.

3. Browse Location: You can browse the location of corrupt Powerpoint file using the Advance search option to find the file within Folder & SubFolder of Drives.

4. Installation of MS PowerPoint is not required to repair the corrupt Powerpoint files, but if you want to see their preview, PPTX application will be needed.

5. Recover Powerpoint File Meta Details: Formatting, theme, hyperlink, table, chart, animation, image, multimedia file can be preserved


These ays, PowerPoint files contain numerous objects apart from texts. As a result, it is quite difficult to repair PowerPoint files 2010 and 2007 manually by retaining their data integrity. That is why, professionals around the world choose PowerPoint Recovery Software for removing PPTX file corruption. If users are looking for any reliable solution, the software should be their ultimate choice.


By Mohit Jha

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