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How to Send Emails from Yahoo! to WhatsApp? Answered with Expert Suggestions

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 30th, 2021
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Here, you will be explained how to send email from Yahoo! to WhatsApp. Yahoo! is another amazing email service that offers great features to its users.

All the emails that you receive on your Yahoo! mail account are obviously pretty important. Now, due to the pandemic, most of the people have had to work from home.

In such a situation, sometimes, if your system is not working or has failed for any reason and you need to send an email urgently to a contact on your WhatsApp, you will be clueless for what can be done.

Well, this is not the only reason to forward Yahoo! mail to WhatsApp. Some of you may be doing so as the conversation on WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted and you want to keep it private.

Now, there is a perfect solution to do the needful and to know the method, read this blog and get the answer to your query.

Let’s not waste any time and jump right into it.

Technique for How to Send Email from Yahoo! to WhatsApp

The message from your mailbox cannot be directly sent to your WhatsApp. The solution for this query requires for you to follow only two stages.

The first stage needs you to take backup of the email message. You will have to save the mail that you want to send in PDF format so that it is easy for you to share it via WhatsApp.

The second stage requires you to send the saved email message to WhatsApp. The steps for that will also be shown in the blog later.

Read how to do so in the following segment.

Stage 1 – Forward Yahoo! Mail To WhatsApp by Taking Backup

In this stage, you need to use the Yahoo Mail Backup Tool which will help you backup your Yahoo! Emails in PDF file format.

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The software has the ability to save the emails securely and selectively by using the Date and Folder Filter. Make sure the data is in the same structure as before exporting it using the Maintain Folder Hierarchy feature.

Also, there is a Pause and Resume button in case any of you want to pause the export process in between and resume it from where it left.

This tool offers the feature to export mail from personal as well as small business account.

Now, let us find out how to send email from Yahoo! to WhatsApp with the help of this tool. Follow the steps as given to understand the procedure:

1. Run and Install the application. Enter the credentials for your Yahoo! Mail account and hit Log in.


2. Choose PDF as the export type. Hit the Browse button to select a destination location for the resultant and click OK.

Note: You can choose to mark Save Attachment on Disk option if there is any attachment associated to your message.


3. Select the Delete after Download button and hit Yes when prompted for confirmation.


4. Go to the Apply Filter option and choose to apply the date and folder filters if you want to move more than one email.


5. Complete the procedure by clicking on the Start option.


Once you have taken a backup, let’s move to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Forward Yahoo! Emails to WhatsApp

In this stage, you have to follow the steps as mentioned to share the converted PDF on WhatsApp:

1. Firstly, you have to go to your browser and enter the link
2. After that, open your WhatsApp and select the Vertical Dots option on the top right corner.
3. Now, click on the WhatsApp Web option and select the Scan QR Code option.
4. As soon as you scan the code, you have to select the contact you want to share the file with.
5. Here, choose the Add Documents icon and hit the Documents option.
6. Navigate the backup file saved as PDF and click Open. Now, hit Send and forward it to the contact.

You have successfully shared the required email from your Yahoo! Account to WhatApp.

Final Words Here

The users who are looking for answers on how to send email from Yahoo! to WhatsApp may have various reasons to do so. It can be because WhatsApp provides an option to delete the email after sending it even after a few seconds or minutes.

Also, if you want to take backup of your entire account, you can do so with the help of the utility aforementioned.

After backing up the mailbox, you can choose to send as much emails as you want over WhatsApp by pressing ctrl key and selecting the messages.


By Ashwani Tiwari

I am an Expert Technical Analyst, specialized in assisting users with complex technological challenges. Through my blogs and articles, I offer expert guidance to help tackle these technical issues effectively. My true passion lies in providing valuable insights and simplifying complicated technicalities, enhancing user understanding and confidence.