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iCloud to Yahoo Email Migration Performance in a Smart Manner

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 2nd, 2022
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Want to know how you can migrate iCloud to Yahoo email? Keep your eyes stuck to this blog and you will find out various interesting facts & the techniques for transferring the data.

Why do you think is it necessary to export the data? Or, why do users want to move the data?

Well, we know that Yahoo is & has been one of the most famously used email services on the cloud since the start.

It has overcome all the difficult times & provides the functionalities that its competitors provide to keep up its value & name.

Now, users want to add iCloud email to Yahoo because of another major reason i.e. storage space.

iCloud offers 5GB of free storage space to the user which seems to fill rather quickly making it difficult for them to store any more of their data.

On the other hand, Yahoo has 1TB of free storage space for saving the emails & a size limit of 100MB for the attachments.

This storage space issue is majorly why users prefer migrating to Yahoo Mail.

Here comes the question, how to transfer the files?

Let’s find out!

How to Transfer iCloud to Yahoo Email? What Makes the Process Easier?

For the manual way of moving the data, you can try the forwarding method.

There is also configuration that you can try but it’s a whole new process and takes up more time than other techniques.

Pro Tip: If you want a fast way of migrating the data, go for the Quick IMAP Mailbox Backup Tool for Mac & create an export for your data.

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We will first go through the manual method to understand its working & the drawbacks there may be.

Performing the Manual Method to Add iCloud Email to Yahoo

Implement these steps for the migration:

1. Firstly, go to & login to your account.

2. Click on the Mail option to start with the process.


3. On the bottom-left corner under the mailbox list, choose the Settings gear option.


4. From the menu, select the Preferences option.


5. Click on the General tab & mark the checkbox beside Forward my email to.


6. In the following field, you need to enter the email address you want to forward the messages to.

7. If you want to forward iCloud to Yahoo email & delete the data from the mailbox, mark the Delete messages after forwarding

8. Once all that is done, click on the Done option to finish the process.

The transfer will start shortly after that and you will receive all the data on the other account.

Remember: You need to verify your email address before executing the entire process because if the email address is incorrect, the emails will be sent to it & deleted from the mailbox. There will be no going back. 

The drawbacks of the manual method to add iCloud email to Yahoo are below.

Limitations of Manually Transferring the Data

  • Forwarding emails can be a time-taking process if you are exporting emails in bulk.
  • Apart from that, you cannot filter the data that you are moving.
  • Selective transfer of emails is not an option in this type of export.
  • There are no confirmation pop-ups, if you hit Done, the process will start immediately & you will not be able to make any more changes.
  • Deleting emails after forwarding them can be tricky. If even a slight mistake has been made in the email address, it can lead to permanent deletion of the data.

iCloud to Yahoo Email Migration Using the Rapid Solution

The rapid solution that we are going to explain here is the above-mentioned software. This tool has algorithms that allow a speedy process without causing any damage to the files.

The tool is capable of moving the data in bulk or you can migrate it on the basis of a certain time-period.

You can do so by applying the Date-Filter & choosing the duration for selective transfer by setting the dates. The tool picks up only those files that fall under the time-period & transfers them.

The Tool to Add iCloud Email to Yahoo Has An Easy Working Guide

1. Download the tool & launch it on Mac OS. Choose your domain from the Source list & enter the account credentials. Also, provide the IMAP Server & Port No. details and hit the Login button.

viewing modes

2. Go to the Select Export Type section & mark the radio button beside the format you want to use. Hit the Advance Settings for filter.


3. Here, choose the pattern in the Naming Convention section as per your desire. Apply the Date-Filter if the need arises.


4. If you want, you can migrate iCloud to Yahoo email & delete this data from the mailbox. Just apply the Delete after Download Pick the destination in the Change field.


5. Finish the operation by hitting the Start Backup button.


Wait for a few minutes & the task will complete soon. Then, go for the Incremental Backup option if you want to backup your data using the tool again.

This will avoid the emails from being copied & only the new data will be exported.

In a Nutshell

Reading the blog, one thing is pretty clear, the manual method for exporting iCloud to Yahoo email is useful & easy but can create errors leading to permanent loss. There is no doubt in the fact that everybody wants an error-free & easy process.

Therefore, the experts are here with the easiest migration method i.e. the rapid tool we have discussed here. With the user-friendly interface, users face no difficulties while trying to perform the transfer.