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Learn Why it’s essential to take Mac Outlook Email Backup?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On January 7th, 2022
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Summary: In this article, we will discuss Mac Outlook email backup. We will also discuss what is the difference between OLM file and PST file format and why should we need the Outlook Mac archive tool.

Both Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows is one of the most widely used email services for business/enterprise worldwide. As we know that Mac creates OLM file whereas Windows create PST files so what if someone needs to migrate their emails from Mac to Windows? Microsoft does not provide any mechanism for such duties.

So in this article, we provide you different strategies for backup.

Learn the Difference B/W OLM and PST Formats Before Taking Mac Outlook Email Backup

  • When you are working on Mac Outlook it forms an OLM file whereas if while working on Windows Outlook it generates a PST file.
  • OLM file stores data like email messages, calendar data, tasks, journals, etc. on the other hand PST file stores data in POP3, IMAP appointments, calendars, etc.

Why We Need the Outlook Mac Archive tool?

There are many reasons why the user needs backup. Some of them are listed below:

  • Safety Purpose: While working on Outlook sometimes the user accidentally deletes all the emails and it happens by the best of us. So when you have Mac Outlook email backup you can handle such type of accidental problems and won’t regret after deletion.
  • For Offline Continuity: While working on Mac Outlook you need an internet connection to access your emails. But if you have backup then you can easily access all your emails when you needed without having an internet concern.
  • Switching to a New Company or an Organization: When users need to switch from one organization to another then Mac Outlook email backup should be needed by which user can have all their emails even after switching from an organization.
  • For Urgent Access Purpose: If a user needs to access his emails on another computer for a short period during an emergency then if a user has backup so he can easily access all his emails without any worries.

After learning the reasons, let’s take a look at the approaches that can help create a backup.

Different Approaches for Mac Outlook Email Backup

Users can only create a backup manually or using an expert method. Both the methods are given below by which the user can get the desired results.

Manual approach for to Create Email Backup

This method behaves like a temporary solution for backup. It is also a very long and time-consuming method. Users need to be very clear about the procedure before using this method.

Following are the steps for having email backup manually:

  • Launch Mac Outlook and go to the menu option, click on the Export option to begin Mac Outlook email backup.
  • In the Outlook Export Window, click on the radio button of ‘Outlook for Mac Data File’ and hit the right arrow.
  • Choose an option ‘Delete After Exporting?’ and tap on the right arrow.

Note: Before going further to make sure that you have created a backup of the original OL files to stay safe from data loss during the process.

  • Give the desired name and location of your OLM file and click on Save button
  • A pop-up window of confirming the process for Mac Outlook email backup will appear after the process is complete
  • Go to the Outlook preferences in your Mac machine
  • Select the account form the preference window
  • Expand the menu by clicking on Add button and choose the E-mail option
  • Enter the required credentials of your Gmail Account and click on Add Account
  • Then, a popup window will appear for conforming the configuration of your Gmail account
  • Click on New Folder from the Gmail configuration to import your files
  • Now you need to rename the folder to move further for Mac Outlook email backup, go to the menu option and click on import option
  • Select Outlook Data File from the Import Wizard and tap on the right arrow
  • Choose the OLM file which you have saved in step 4th and hit the import button
  • A popup window of Import Wizard will appear for confirming the process
  • Go back to Mac Outlook and then click on the messages which you want to import
  • Go to the Move option and tap on Choose folder by right-clicking on imported messages for the step for Mac Outlook email backup
  • Enter the desired folder name and click on the Mac OLM file folder, and tap on the Move button
  • All your messages will transfer to you Gmail account that you have chosen in Outlook for Mac
  • Now configure your Gmail account in Window Outlook in your machine after completion

Now that you have understood the process for creating a backup of your data manually, you might notice that it is quite a lengthy procedure.

There are certain barriers of this technique which we have explained in the upcoming segment.

Outcomes of Manual Approach for Mac Outlook Email Backup

  • It is a very long and time-consuming method.
  • It does not allow you to convert OLM file content into the PST format but only it can allow exporting mailboxes data.
  • The file may also get damaged during the process by which the user lose his data.

Expert Program Using Outlook Mac archive tool

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  • Click on Add File button to add your OLM file
  • Select the desired location and click on the Add file button to initiate the scanning process for start Mac Outlook email backup operation.
  • Now, you can see a pop-up window showing scanning process will appear.

Note: Users can directly preview emails in the Normal Mail view tab once the scanning process completed.

  • Choose the emails to export by right-clicking on them and hit the Export option
  • Select the PST file format to export the OLM file
  • Navigate the folder and hit the Export button to start the exporting process
  • Save the export report and give the desired name to your resultant file, hit the Save button

Last Line

In this article, we have reviewed the OLM and PST file differentiation. We also learn why we need Mac Outlook email backup. And also examined different approaches of the Outlook Mac archive tool.

You have the liberty to go for the solution seems the best to you based on your understanding in the technical arena. Both the solutions work well and provide great results.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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