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Backup Backup – Every Bit of Backup Information & Techniques

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 4th, 2022
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User Query: I have been meaning to learn how to create backup and save it locally. There had been a breach in the security of my friend’s account and a lot of his data was lost. I don’t want to lose any of the emails as all of them are work-related. Is there any solution that can help me with taking a backup without losing the data during the procedure? is a popular webmail provider that offers on cloud email services and web portal. A German Internet company “United Internet” has offered this email service for easy communication.

Even though the service offers unlimited storage facility, users want to create backup as there are no security measures against hacks and attacks.

If you want to take a backup of your data manually, there is no point in wasting your time looking for a solution as there are none.

You will need assistance from a professional software to perform the backup task and make sure that there is no data-loss or corruption during the process.

Also, a number of great features are offered by this professional solution that can be utilized by the users for their benefits. Let’s check out the method.

What Method Allows Backup with No Risk of Data-Loss?

There is only one solution that can allow users to create an archive of their data without any loss or corruption which is the Mac IMAP Backup Tool. With the help of this tool, users can easily take a backup of their emails along with the integrated attachments and save them locally.

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The software offers various filters and features that provide an easy process to backup the data. Also, there are various file formats that you can choose from while going through the operation including PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, MSG, TXT, PDF, & HTML.

First, the steps for backup procedure.

How to Use the Utility to Create an Archive for Safe-Keeping?

Following is the order of instructions to create a backup:

1. Download the software on your Mac machine.

2. Choose your domain and enter the details to sig in. Hit the Login button.

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3. Mark the radio button for the format in Select Export Type field. These are the steps for MBOX format.


4. Click on the Advance Settings option and set the Date-Filter & Naming Convention.


5. Hit the Change button to navigate to the destination location of backup files.


6. Tap on the Start Backup button to complete the procedure.


During the process, there are certain features offered to the users that we are going to explain in the upcoming segment. Using these features, the task to backup your data is made effective and seamless. Understand how these functions help and how to activate a few of them.

What Are the Benefits of Using Professional Tool for Backup Operation?

The software has plethora of features as described below:

1. Folder Structure Maintenance: After the process is completed, there is no need for the users to be stressed about the folder structure. There are no modifications made to the structures of the folders and are maintained as before the process.

2. Metadata & Attributes: Along with the emails, the attachments are also exported to the local storage of the user. During the task, it is made sure by the software that the metadata of the emails & the attributes are kept intact.

3. Date-Filter Option: The tool for backup offers a Date-Range filter which permits you to export your data selectively. With the help of this features, you can enter the dates from and to for setting a certain time-zone within which the data is to be downloaded.

4. Naming Convention: This feature has the capability of exporting the data from and naming them according to their attributes. You can choose to rename your data as per Subject, Subject + Date, From + Subject + Date, etc.

5. Split PST File: When you choose the PST file format, an option to split the large files is given to you. While creating backup, this feature comes in handy and breaks the resultant file in required sizes in MB or GB to avoid corruption.

6. Support to Operating System: This tool to create a backup is designed to work on Mac OS machines. You can run the software on your Mac OS 10.8 and higher versions up till Mac OS 11 and above.

Wrapping Up

Even though there are various facilities of accessing news, articles, videos, unlimited storage space, etc. users want to download their data for a safer side. As mentioned, the software is the only way to create backup on local storage device.

There is no manual method that can perform this task, thus, the tool is explained in details for users to have clarity about what it offers and how it works.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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