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Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel – Hassle-Free Mechanism

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: February 15, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this write-up, you will be explained how you can migrate email from Gmail to cPanel in easy and quick steps. This is an explained guide which can be used to perform the migration process without having to go through any troubles. Let’s now start with the blog.

It is a known fact that Gmail is used by every person worldwide. What it does, what it offers, what are the uses of the Gmail service are not hidden from the world. Although, there are still some users who are planning on moving from Gmail. Why? Find out below.

Most of the users having Gmail as their email service have their ids as “”. Now, a user might not like this for the business or corporation that he has instead of his own domain. Which is why, users migrate Gmail to cPanel (being the interface for WHM).

With the help of cPanel, you can have your email address on your business or corporation’s name for example:

Eager to know how to get your emails shifted? Well, let’s now learn about the solutions for the transfer in the following section.

How to Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel?

Here, you will find out that the solution you are looking for is apparently, divided in two sections. Both of them are as following:

Both the steps are explained in-depth in the upcoming segments. Find out the working of these steps to start the process and finish it successfully.

Stage 1 – Migrate Gmail to cPanel Via Smart Solution

This step requires the users to first download the Gmail Backup Software which will help them to take a backup of the data and save it locally on their system in desired file format. This tool allows the users to download emails from their Gmail account from both single and multiple user accounts.

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You have the option to save your emails from the mailbox in various file formats say: PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, MSG, etc. Here, we will choose EML format since the cPanel Webmail i.e. RoundCube, supports EML file format.

Let’s learn how to download the emails using the tool.

What Are the Steps to Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel?

Below discussed performance steps will show how you can perform the required task:

1. Launch the application and enter the credentials of your Gmail account and hit Login.


2. Now, choose EML as the export type and hit the Browse button to choose a destination path. Hit OK.


3. Click on the Delete After Download button and press Yes when prompted with a confirmation.


4. Select the folders you want to take backup from and apply date filters for selective migration by by clicking on the Apply Filters option.


5. Finish the export process by clicking on the Start button.


These are the only steps you need to perform to convert your emails and save them as .eml file format.

There are a few features offered by the tool that we will be explaining later. Let’s first complete the process to migrate Gmail to cPanel.

Stage 2 – Import Resultant File into cPanel Webmail i.e. RoundCube

Let’s now take a look at the steps to import the EML files that were convert from the software:

1. Here, you have to first choose Roundcube, you will be redirected to the Roundcube webpage.

2. Now, click on the More button and press the Import option.


3. Choose the Browse button to select the files you want to export.


4. Finally, hit the Import button to finish the process.


You will find that the files have successfully been uploaded to Roundcube.

The process for migration is completed and now you also have a backup of your emails saved on your local computer which is beneficial.

Let’s now learn a bit more about the software as discussed above.

Features of the Software to Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel

There are a ton of features provided by the software that a user can utilize to the fullest. Let’s check out the key features:

  • Tool offers Pause and Resume buttons for trouble-free exportation
  • Original Folder Structure is maintained by the tool during the process
  • Save the data from your mailbox to your desired location
  • Selective data migration by choosing the Date-Filter
  • Facility to download the newly arrived data using the Incremental Backup feature
  • Detailed report of the entire migration process is given

Finishing Up With Last Points

Gmail being the most used email client has a few risks like being hacked, or malware attacks, corruption in data due to full storage, leads to data loss. Such a situation would cause trouble to a lot of users. This is why, some users are moving their emails from Gmail to another platform of cPanel. This is a step-by-step guide of the entire procedure to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel which has the easiest of the methods you could find.