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Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel Webmail – 2023 Tricks

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On June 19th, 2023
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Summary: In this article, we will explain how to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel in easy and quick steps. This is an explained guide that can be used to perform the migration process without any hassle. Now, let’s start with the blog.

It is a known fact that Gmail is used by everyone around the world. What it does, what it offers, what are the uses of Gmail service, it is not hidden from the world. However, there are still some users who are planning to move from Gmail. Why? Find out below.

Most of the users whose email service is Gmail have the id ““. Now, a user may not prefer that for a business or corporation that it has its own domain instead. This is the reason, users migrate Gmail to cPanel (being the interface for WHM).

With the help of cPanel, you can put your email address under the name of your business or corporation, for example:

Keen to learn how to migrate your emails? Well, let us now move to the solution for transfer in the next section.

Quick Steps to Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel?

  1. Download and run the tool on Mac desktop.
  2. Then, select Gmail option, validate details.
  3. Pick cPanel option and validate user credentials.
  4. Apply filters for the customized migration.
  5. Hit Start Migration to securely start the process.

Migrate Gmail Emails to cPanel Via Smart Solution

For this migration users need to download Pcvita IMAP Server Migration Software first to successfully migrate all Gmail account emails to cPanel. This tool allows users to migrate emails from single and multiple Gmail accounts in one go.

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Furthermore, here you have the option to customize the migration process without any data modification. As this tool never compromises with the details of the user and provides accurate results in the destination accounts. With the software, you can easily transfer emails in bulk or only required emails.

Let us learn how to complete the migration with a step-by-step process using the tool.

What Are the Detailed Steps to Use the Software?

Below discussed migration steps will show how you can perform the required task from Gmail account to cPanel easily:

  • So, download and launch the application on Mac PC and check all the prerequisites before starting the procedure, once done, hit Continue icon.

download tool Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel

  • Now, choose the Gmail option as a host name in the source IMAP account section. Also, provide the Gmail user account details and password, click on Validate for authentication.

select gmail

  • In the below section, select the cPanel option, if its not available then choose Other option and provide required details. After putting all the necessary details of the user account, tap on the Validate icon for account validation.

Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel

  • Then, tap add button to map those accounts together for the migration, or you can more user accounts as well.


  • Now, select the folders you want to migrate emails from and apply date filters for selective migration by clicking on the Advanced Settings option.


  • Finish the migration procedure by clicking on the Start Migration button from below. This will start migrating all emails that comes into the selected category from Gmail account to cPanel.


  • After completion of the procedure, you can check out the migration report which will be containing all the migration details in the report file.

Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel

There are a few features offered by the tool that we will be explaining in below section.

Features of the Software to Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel

There are a ton of features provided by the software that a user can utilize to the fullest. Let’s check out the key features:

  • Tool offers Pause and Resume buttons for trouble-free migration. Opportunity to pause the on-going process whenever required or if there is some human errors.
  • Original Folder Structure is maintained by the tool during the process.
  • Moreover, it allows for a selective data Gmail email to cPanel migration by choosing the Date-Filter.
  • Likewise, it provides facility to transfer the newly arrived email data using the Delta Migration feature.
  • Detailed report of the entire migration process is given by the tool containing all the details.

Manually Migrate Gmail to cPanel Webmail

To execute this migration using manual method, there are two stages that you will require to perform,

Stage 1 – Takeout Emails from Gmail Mailbox Emails 

To migrate email from Gmail to cPanel webmail first you will be required to download all the emails from Gmail account into MBOX format. Later on, you can import the resultant file into your cPanel webmail account mailbox. Now, follow the following steps:

  • Log in with your Gmail account from which you want to migrate your emails to cPanel.
  • Now, after navigating to the name icon and click on Manage Your Google Account.
  • In the following section of this page, select Data & Privacy option >> Download Your Data.
  • This will navigate you to Google Takeout webpage, or you can directly go to the
  • From all the available options, select Gmail option and tap Next Step.
  • Then, you will be required to choose a frequency, file type or size, and destination for the resultant file containing all emails.
  • After applying all the filters, tap Create Export and wait until Google is creating a copy of files from your mail. Though, this task take too much time to copy the files manually.

google takeout

  • Once this process will be done, you will get an email in your respective Gmail account with a zip file attachment. You can tap on the link and it will export all your Gmail messages into MBOX format.

Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel

Now move to the next part to Migrate Gmail Email to cPanel.

Stage 2 – Import Resultant File into cPanel Webmail 

Let’s now take a look at the steps to transfer the output files that were generated through above steps-

1. Here, you have to first go to the cPanel based Roundcube webmail account, you will be redirected to the webpage.

2. Now, click on the More button and press the Import option.


3. Choose the Browse button to select the exported files you wanted to migrate from Gmail account.


4. Finally, hit the Import button to finish the process.


You will find that the files have successfully been uploaded to cPanel mailbox which were containing all Gmail emails.

The process for migration is completed and now you also have a backup of your emails saved on your local computer which is beneficial.

Finishing Up With Last Points

Gmail is the most commonly used email client, which has some risks like getting hacked, or corruption of data due to malware attacks, full storage, which leads to data loss. In such a situation, many users will have trouble. This is the reason, some users are moving their email from Gmail to another platform like cPanel. This is a step-by-step guide to the entire process of migrating email from Gmail to cPanel with the easiest steps you’ll find. Here, we have shared both manual and professional direct methods to help you with this migration. Choose any as per convenience and migrate emails securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is WordPress and cPanel same for data management?

In simple language, cPanel is a server management technology, on the other hand, WordPress is a general content management system on which you can build your website.

Q – Are there any disadvantages of cPanel webmail?

Yes, there are some disadvantages when using cPanel webmail hosting, such as it does not allow you to access all files without asking for permission. As it is necessary for you to get permission to access all files from cPanel. Also, cPanel webmail is completely dependent on the server of the software it is managing, therefore, it is quite easy to hack.

Q- Is cPanel good for hosting service?

Yes, other than Plesk, hosting is good to go for. Any user can host their website on it as it provides a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI). Hence, it is a handful for every user to manage easily.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.