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No Backupset Selected to be Restored Error In SQL Server

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On December 20th, 2021
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Microsoft SQL Server is the best relational database management system. This application is highly result-oriented and trusted by IT organizations. It helps to store and retrieve crucial data from many organizations. Whenever the user wants to access the data then the user needs to run the SQL commands to access the data. Sometimes SQL users may have faced error due to an abrupt termination, database connection error, transient error. In that situation users tried to restore the data from a backup file, then users have to face no backup set selected to be restored error in the SQL server.

Hello I am an Android application developer and I have very little knowledge of SQL server. When I tried to restore the SQL server database 2008 from .bak file to our SQL server 2012. I am getting an error like this no backup set selected to be restored error in the SQL server. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue? Thanks!”

Reasons Behind No Backupset Selected to be Restored Error In SQL Server

Are you familiar with the above query or you are also getting the same error while restoring data? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right solution page. Here we have discussed all the possible reasons to resolve no backup set selected to be restored error in an SQL server error. Let us start…

Some of the possible reasons for this error are described below:


1. The user has to face this error when the user tried to restore the backup from the different SQL versions. For example, Suppose we have an SQL server 2008 and we want to restore a backup of SQL server version 2012 or 2014.

2. If in case you have a corrupted or unreadable backup file then this might be the reason for this no backup set selected to be restored error in SQL server. The user can simply check your database by the following command.

RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK = “Path of your backup file”

3. Another main reason for this error is related to the permission of the .bak file. In case if the .bak file is having the special permission or it is located in the folder of special permission, then the SQL server management studio will not read that file. So please make sure the .bak file will have the appropriate permission before proceeding with the restoration process.

If you are facing this problem and you want more information about this error then try to restore the database using the following command

RESTORE DATABASE <your database name> FROM DISK =’path to your backup file’>\<your data base>.bak’


Not to Worry If You Have Corrupted and Unreadable Backup File

In case if you have the unreadable and corrupted backup file then you can take the help of SQL bak file repair software. By selecting the right software is essential This utility can easily repair and recover SQL bak file of MS SQL server version 2017 and its below versions. The user can easily recover and preview tables, views, stored procedure, trigger, functions, etc. However, choosing the right software is very important to get faster and desired results. The user-friendly makes it easy for the even for the first time software operators.

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Maintaining the Microsoft SQL server database and keeping it running is always the first priority of SQL admins. If any conflict occurs then it should be resolved quickly. So in this article then we have discussed the problem no backupset selected to be restored SQL server 2014 /2016 / 2017. We have discussed the various possible reasons for this problem. In case if the user has corrupted and unreadable .bak file then the user can try an expert solution to resolve this issue.



By Mohit Jha

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