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Getting Outlook 2016 Mailbox Full Error: Read This!

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 17th, 2023
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Are you reaching the limit of your Outlook mailbox storage quota or your Microsoft Outlook? And encountering the “Outlook 2016 mailbox full error”? Then know no need to worry about it because you are at the right place that will help you to overcome this Outlook mailbox issue.

Reaching the limit of the mailbox quota is the most common query of most of the Outlook users. If you are facing the same issue then here in this blog, we are going to discuss what are the reasons for Microsoft Outlook reaching the limit of its mailbox storage quota and how to fix it without losing any data items.

Reasons Responsible for Outlook 2016 Mailbox Full Error

  • Duplicate Outlook Items- This is the most common reason for exceeding the storage capacity of Microsoft Outlook mailbox.
  • Large Attachments- Large size email attachments are the most vital component that makes a mailbox size large due to which we catch up in Outlook mailbox full issue.

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Consequences of Full Mailbox in Outlook.

So, when you see your Outlook 2016 showing mailbox full error message this meant that not only you cannot receive any new mail message you cannot send any email either. And that is the worst scenario for any Outlook user. Hence in this section, we are going to discuss what are the effects when Outlook mailbox is almost full.

  • Corruption Issue- When your Outlook mailbox filled with unnecessary emails contacts, tasks, then PST corruption is one of the biggest issues faces by the users.
  • Low Productivity- If the storage capacity of Outlook mailbox data is reaching its limit, then Outlook starts freezing hanging, or sometime it will take lots of time to open.
  • Data Loss Issue- Data loss is one of the most disturbing outcomes of an oversized Outlook mailbox. In most cases, the user loses their important data.

How to Verify Outlook Mailbox is Full or Not?

When you receiving Outlook 2016 mailbox full error the first thing you have to do to verify the message. Because sometimes it is also a fishing or spamming messages who attempt to get your login credentials or other sensitive data. So, in this section, we are going to discuss how one can verify the mailbox size limit.

  • First, launch Microsoft Outlook email client and click on the File tab
  •  Select the Info option and then click on the Check mailbox clean up section.
  •  Now, if it is displaying that you are out Outlook mailbox is almost full or full (red bar) then you have to proceed to fix Microsoft Outlook mailbox full error. And you have to free up your storage space.

How to Fix Outlook 2016 Mailbox Full Error-Manually

If you are getting Microsoft Outlook mailbox is an almost full error in Outlook, 2016, or in 2019 on daily basis, then in this section, we are going to discuss two manual methods to tackle this issue.

#Technique 1: Mailbox Clean Up Utility

The cleanup utility comes with Microsoft Outlook and it is the best and fast way to begin the mailbox size reduction process in order to use the tool to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, launch Microsoft Outlook on your Windows PC.
  • Click on the Info option and then Clean Up tool.
  • Not choose the Mailbox cleanup option.
  • After that select view mailbox size option to scan the mailbox size along with all subfolders.
  • Now, select the option to find a bigger or older email that you can delete directly from the cleanup.

#Technique 2: Compress the Size of Outlook PST

If your facing Outlook 2016 mailbox full error and you want to reduce its size, then you can use this method to resolve the issue. The steps are mentioned below:

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook then click on the File menu option
  • Now, select Account Settings option >> Account Settings
  • From the data file tab, click on the data file >> click Settings.
  • After all the settings, select Compact Now to fix Outlook mailbox full error.

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook 2016 Mailbox Full Error-Smartly

As we mentioned above in this article that duplicates Outlook items are one of the major reasons for increasing the size of Outlook mailbox files. And the sad truth is that Outlook does not provide any utility to delete duplicate Outlook data items from the mailbox effectively.

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So, professionals suggested to try an automatic solution i.e., Outlook Duplicate Items Remover Tool. This tool is one of the most search duplicate remover tools on the internet. It deletes all the duplicate items from Outlook mailbox like email, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and journals along with large duplicate attachments. Also, it has a facility to remove duplicate from password-protected PST/OST/BAK files.

Now, try the four simple steps to fix Outlook 2016 mailbox full error.

1: Install and launch the software on your Windows machine.


2: Click on the Add Folder or Add Files to add Outlook files.


3: Select the filter and duplicate criteria to remove duplicate items.


4: Click on the Next button to start the process of de-duplication.

Wrapping things up!

Once Outlook 2016 reached its maximum definite mailbox size limits, then it starts giving you the Outlook 2016 mailbox full error. These notifications simply mean that your Outlook mailbox needs to be free. So, here in this article, we have discussed the manual as well as automatic solutions to resolve the error.


By Ashwani Tiwari

I am an Expert Technical Analyst, specialized in assisting users with complex technological challenges. Through my blogs and articles, I offer expert guidance to help tackle these technical issues effectively. My true passion lies in providing valuable insights and simplifying complicated technicalities, enhancing user understanding and confidence.