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Outlook Express Not Responding Windows XP Fixed Using Top 11 Ways

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On October 17th, 2023
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Outlook Express is a free, basic email program offered by Microsoft. In this, each mail folder contains a single file. Though it has been discontinued by Microsoft, there are still some people uses this email client. As it is not supported by Microsoft, so, users may face several issues in it. One of the most common problems is Outlook Express not responding Windows XP. Hence, in this article, we will tell you all possible solutions to resolve Outlook Express stopped responding error in Windows XP operating system.

How to Resolve Outlook Express Not Working Windows XP?

If you find your Outlook Express is not opening, then you need a solution to fix this problem. There are several techniques are available to resolve this issue. Some of the resolution methods are described here:

Method # 1: Restart Your Computer System

The first thing that should be followed by the users when they noticed their Outlook Express is not responding is to restart the system. Most of the time, this problem gets resolved after restarting the computer system.

Method # 2: Close All Running Applications

You should close all the running Windows programs except Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to resolve Outlook Express not responding Windows XP error.

Method # 3: Delete Temp Files or Clear Cache

Temp files or cache can also be the cause of Outlook Express stops responding error. Follow these steps to delete Internet temporary files or clear the cache memory of system:
For IE 6 Users:

  • At first, open your IE >> Tools>> Internet Options.
  • Now, under the Temporary Internet, go to Delete files option. Then, click Delete all offline content >> OK button.

IE 7 and 8 Users:

  • Go to Tools option and delete your browsing history and click on Delete Files option.
  • Finally, click on the Confirm button to delete the temporary files.

Method # 4: Compact Folders of Outlook Express

In order to compress Outlook Express folders, follow the given below steps:
1. Open the Outlook Express program & click on File menu >> Work Offline option.
2. After that, make sure that every email & news folders are closed by visiting folder list and clicking on Outlook Express.
3. Now, click on Outlook Express from the folder list. It will let you confirm that all email and news folders are closed.
4. Again go to File menu >> click on Folder option >> Compact All Folders.
In case, if any error occurs during the compacting process, then close & restart the Outlook Express program to repeat the process. By doing this, one can easily avoid Microsoft Outlook Express not responding Windows XP error.

Method # 5: Set Outlook Express as Default Email Client

If you have set up Outlook Express as your default email client then it can save you from Outlook Express stops responding issue.
1. Press Windows and R keys.
2. After that, type msimn /reg & press Enter key.
3. Then, launch IE to click on Tools menu >> Options.
4. Finally, click the Programs tab & select Outlook Express to make your default email client.

Method # 6: Register Outlook Express DLL Library Files

If any issue found in registry files of Outlook Express, then it may stop the OE application. To resolve the Outlook Express not working Windows XP problem, follow these steps:
1. First of all, press Windows + R keys.
2. Then, a box will appear, here you need to type regsvr32 urlmon.dll & click on OK button.
3. Again, enter the following and repeat the process:

  • regsvr32 shdocvw.dll
  • regsvr32 browseui.dll

Method # 7: Create a New Identity for Outlook Express

1. Follow these steps to move Outlook Express emails & news to the new identity:

  • Go to, Tools >> Accounts >> Mail option.
  • After that, select your default OE account.
  • Now, click the Export button. Choose the final location of the file and repeat this for all email accounts.
  • Choose the News tab to repeat the method.
  • Click Close button after successful completion of the process.

2. Now, go to File menu of Outlook Express & click on Identities >> New Identities.
3. Then, enter the name of the new Outlook Express identity & click on OK button.
4. Now you can switch to the newly created identity after clicking on Yes button.
5. Further, click on Cancel button & close the wizard.
6. In this step, go to Tools and click on Accounts option.
7. Click on Import button & select .iaf file created in step 1.
8. Import email messages to the new identity by following these steps:

  • Open Outlook Express & click File >> Import >> Messages.
  • From the program list, select Microsoft Outlook Express >> Next.
  • Select the identity that you want to import and click OK.

Method # 8: Repair Internet Explorer

You need to repair the Internet Explorer to resolve the Outlook Express not responding Windows XP. For doing this, follow the steps given below:
1. At first, click on Start ribbon >> Run. Typesfc /scanNow & press Enter.
2. Follow the prompts of System File Checker.
3. Finally, restart your system after completion of the process.

Method # 9: Reinstall Internet Explorer as Outlook Express not Responding fix

1. At first, click on Start button >> Run.
2. Now, enter the %systemroot%\inf in the box & press Enter key.
3. Locate Ie.inf file in the \Inf folder and right click on it.
4. Click on Install. After the process is completed, restarts the system.
5. If reinstallation does not happen, repair Windows registry keys and try again
6. Press Windows + R & type Regedit in the box. Click on OK button.
7. Find out this registry key from the list:
8. Select Installed and then change the value data from 1 to O in the right panel. Exit when you are done.

Method # 10: Upgrade or Reset Internet Explorer

1. Open IE on your system and go to, Tools>> Internet Explorer.
2. Then, click on the Advanced tab & choose the Reset button.
3. A dialog box will pop up named Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Again, click on Reset button to complete the Outlook Express not responding fix.

Method # 11: Reinstall the Operating System

If you are tired of applying all the above-discussed methods and still faces the problem then, you should reinstall the Windows operating system of your computer system.

Wrapping Up

If Outlook Express stops responding, then it hampers the productivity and causes annoyance to its users. To avoid these situations, it is better to resolve the Outlook Express not responding Windows XP issue immediately. So, in this post, we have discussed the top solutions of this problem. Apart from this, users can also convert the DBX file to PST by using the PCVITA DBX to PST Converter Tool and resolve their Outlook Express suddenly stopped working issue.


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