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Outlook Mailbox Full After Deleting – Guidelines from Professionals

Lindsey Smith | Modified: 2021-02-11T12:51:38+00:00

Sometimes, even if you remove some data from your Outlook mailbox, you still can see that the storage is full. This is why users search for solutions to resolve the Outlook mailbox full after deleting error.

You might be thinking that deleting a few emails from your mailbox will help your regain the storage space but that doesn’t happen when you actually lose some of the mails. Why is that though?

This may be because the files that your are deleting do not take up so much of space and deleting them won’t matter so much since the files taking a lot of storage are still present in the mailbox. In such cases, users may find that Outlook mailbox size not reducing after deleting emails.

Here, in this blog, you will find how to delete the emails and why is it necessary to lose these files. But before that, if you want to just know the technique to lose these files, you can use the instant solution which will help you in reducing the file size. Stick to the blog to know about this solution in details.

How to Delete Emails to Solve Outlook Mailbox Full After Deleting Issue?

Perform the instructions as mentioned below to resolve this issue:

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and click on the Search Folder >> New Search Folder.

2. Choose the Large mail option under the Organizing Mail field and click Choose under the Customize Search Folders.

3. In the Show mail greater than box, specify the size of the files and hit OK.

4. A Larger than folder will be created under the Search Folders.

5. Now, you just have to go to the Search Folders and select the new folder that you have created.

6. Delete the emails that you think are not important and keep deleting mails until the issue is solved.

Well, this doesn’t seem like a suitable solution in case there are some emails that you cannot lost and might need in the future. For such a case, you can go and check out the instant solution that we had mentioned earlier in the blog. This will help you understand the entire situation and the reason why you should go for this method. Let’s jump right into it.

Instant Solution to Resolve Outlook Mailbox Size Not Reducing After Deleting Emails

There are not much of solutions to get the storage space back without having to delete your PST files that are known. Don’t you worry as we have the perfect solution to solve this type of query.

You just have to download the Compact PST Software which is designed to reduce the over-sized PST files by extracting the attachments and saving them to your local storage. This way, you can have your emails all safe and secure and regain the storage space without having to delete anything.

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The tool is capable of shrinking the large PST files in bulk without causing any risk of data loss. The working of this application is also easy and can be understood by any user. Let’s check it out.

Outlook Mailbox Full After Deleting Error Solved by the Utility

Here you will find the steps to be performed to resolve the error:

1. Run the software and click on the Add Files option.


2. Select the file that you want to compress and hit the Open button.


3. Click on the Browse button to choose the destination location for the compressed files and press OK.


4. To move further, click on the Compress PST button which will redirect you to a windows where you can choose what to do with the attachments.


5. Mark the radio button beside Extract & Save attachments option and hit Compress.


These are the only steps that you need to follow in order to keep the emails safe and yet, regain space in the Outlook mailbox.

There is another option that you can choose if you do not wish to extract attachments and save them separately. You can go for the Outlook Split PST File tool which will split your PST files of any size in half and save space in your mailbox. You will find the attachments integrated with your emails along with them just in different PST file.

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Final Saying

The error Outlook mailbox full after deleting is mainly caused due to the oversized PST files which is not an ideal situation. You need to either split or compress these files if not delete them to make sure that the program doesn’t hang up and works smoothly. Also, large PST files are more likely to get corrupted which is why they should be shrunk to smaller parts.