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Remove Attachments from Apple Mail – Correct and Quick Methods

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 3rd, 2022
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It is useful to remove attachments from Apple mail for various reasons such as getting rid of a file that is not relevant anymore, lower the size of transfer while you send or reply to a message. It is also useful for extreme cases like individuals who have small hard drive or to reduce the space consumed by these attachments.

No matter what it is in your case, it is always a wise choice to be cautious while removing attachments as once gone, there are no ways to get them back. If you want to delete multiple attachments, you may as well be careful while doing so and make sure these are not of importance to you.

Note: You can also extract these attachments from your emails instead of just trying to delete attachments in Mac mail to have them safe at your local storage and then remove them from the messages. This way, you will have a backup in case you accidentally delete attachments that you may require in future. For this, you can download the MBOX Attachments Extraction Tool and follow the guide for its working.

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Here, we will be explaining various methods to remove these attachment files along with the steps to download them in case you delete the wrong ones. Let’s get right into it.

What Are the Methods to Remove Attachments from Apple Mail?

We have two methods for you to choose apply. Both of these methods are manual and can help you remove the attachments successfully. But before you apply these methods, we will show you how to download the attachments so that you do not regret deleting them later. Since there are no ways to retrieve the files that are deleted, you must save them locally. You can follow the steps as given in the next segment of use the tool as given in the note above.

The methods we are going to discuss will show how to remove single as well as multiple attachments from the messages. Let’s get going with the process to delete attachments in Mac mail.

How to Remove Attachments from Single Message?

Following are the steps for removing these attachments but before that, check out how to download them for safekeeping:

1. Launch Apple mail on your Mac machine and go to the location of the email.
2. Now, open the email message and click on the File option.
3. From the drop down menu, choose the Save Attachments option.
4. Choose a location for the files and press Save.


Once you have saved the attachment files, you can now remove them following these steps:

1. Open Mac mail and click on the message you want to remove attachment from.
2. Select the Message tab and a drop-down will appear.
3. Click on the Remove Attachments option.


This will delete the attachments from a single message. For multiple messages, go through the next method.

Method to Remove Attachments from Apple Mail for Multiple Messages

This method is not recommended unless you take your time to take a backup of all the attachments before applying this method. If not, you might end up losing access to the files.

1. Go to your account on Mac mail.
2. Press Command + A keys to select all the emails from the mailbox.
3. If you want to choose a few emails, click on the email and press Shift + Mouse click on the email till you want to select the messages consecutively.
4. After that, click on the Message button.
5. From the drop-down menu, choose Remove Attachments option.


You can repeat these steps for the drafts, sent folder, and trash folder if so required.

Remember, it is always recommended to first take a backup of these attachments in case you end up losing the important ones.

Few Lines to Summarize

You can easily remove attachments from Apple mail with using the manual methods as discussed above. Some users may want to delete the irrelevant attachments to save space in their mailbox while some may just want to keep their mailbox clean. Whatever the reason may be, experts suggest users to always create a backup of their data no matter how safe a solution is. This is why, you can make use of the extractor as mentioned above to extract the attachment files and then remove them from the email messages.


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