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How to Remove Duplicate Attachments in Outlook Application?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On April 3rd, 2024
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Duplicate attachments are synonymous with the consumption of unnecessary space and raising difficulties while managing the mailbox. If you’re searching for methods to remove duplicate attachments in Outlook application. Read this technical write-up to clean up redundant items from MS Outlook easily.

Moreover, there are several challenges incorporated with duplicate attachment files as it bring chances of error. Further, it certainly slows down the performance of MS Outlook. This article will discover different approaches to deleting duplicate attachments from Outlook email clients.

Now, let’s move down to quickly understand the reason behind creating duplicate attachments and how to remove them.

What are the Common Factors Behind Duplicate Attachments in MS Outlook?

There are various factors behind duplicating attachments in the mailbox. Here, read the common reasons for the same:-

  • Forwarding Emails Multiple Times:- Often users unknowingly forward and reply to emails which might result in creating a similar copy multiple times. Later on, users constantly seek Outlook remove duplicate attachments from the mailbox.
  • Creating Copy:- Sometimes users copy emails with attachments to create separate folders. However, it will lead to bringing complexities while managing the mailbox data.
  • Wrong Set up of Email Rules or Filters:- In case, if you’ve configured the wrong rules then, it will automatically move or copy multiple emails with attachments to folders. Hence, users need to remove duplicate attachments in Outlook to clean up space.
  • Human Errors:- Besides the above bugs or faults, human errors are another reason behind composing duplicate emails with attachments. As users might save similar attachments repetitively which causes duplicate attachments.

Why Do Users Seek to Remove Duplicate Attachments in Outlook?

Previously, we have addressed the common factors that lead to creating similar copies of attachments in the mailbox. Here, we will explain how misconfiguration raises problems for users while organizing the attachments:-

  • Having duplicate attachments is confusing as users can’t separate the original emails or attachments. Hence, users left two options: either delete all emails at once or spend hours removing duplicate attachments.
  • Another reason for Outlook remove duplicate attachments is due to the increasing storage space. In addition, unnecessary data gradually fills up the space or affects the performance of the Outlook application.
  • In the case of regular backup of Outlook emails, removing redundant attachments efficiently improves the performance while reducing the storage requirements. Hence, these are the major purposes to remove duplicate attachments in Outlook.

Batch Remove Attachments from Outlook 2021 and Below Versions

In the following section, we will uncover the best yet standalone way to delete duplicate attachments from Microsoft Outlook. Download PCVITA Outlook Duplicate Items Remover, one of the robust choices to batch remove duplicate mailbox items from Outlook. Using this tool, users can Outlook remove duplicate attachments permanently from the mailbox. Besides this, it allows users to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

Other functionalities of this software include de-duplicate calendars, emails, contacts, and more. Further, users can set the date range to delete specific data from Outlook. Besides this, it provides a privilege for users to preserve 14 email properties during the process. Now, let’s dive in to discover the steps to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

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Quick-Step Guidance of Expert Suggested Software

  1. Run the above-suggested tool on your machine.
  2. Choose Add Files or Add Folders.
    move to add files
  3. From Duplicate Options, Select Within Folders or Across Folders > hit Next.
    choose any option from Duplicate options
  4. Now, choose the necessary folders.
    select folders
  5. From Change, choose the saving path > Next.
    Go to change
  6. After this, apply the required filter setting.
    select required filters
  7. Lastly, press Next to begin the process.
    click on Next to remove duplicate attachments in Outlook

Exercising these steps, users can quickly remove attachments from Outlook to avoid duplicate items from the mailbox. Most importantly, users can secure their email properties while removing similar attachments from Outlook.

Different Manual Ways to Remove Duplicate Attachments in Outlook

Previously, we have addressed the one-stop solution to delete duplicate attachments from MS Outlook. However, there are indirect ways to remove redundant email attachments. Now, let’s discover the methods for Outlook remove duplicate attachments.

  • Setup Correct Rules

As we have already stated, the wrong configuration of rules also leads to the creation of duplicate attachment files. For the same, users need to check the Manage Rules & Alerts to set/ alter new rules to eliminate the risk of creating unnecessary attachments.

  • Click on “Do not Import Duplicate Items”

For instance, if you’re importing a PST file in Outlook then, always select “Do not import Duplicate items” to avoid copying duplicate items in the mailbox.

  • Clean Up Option

It is yet another built-in functionality of Outlook. To remove duplicate attachments in Outlook, users can choose the clean-up option to delete redundant emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook. Now, read the detailed steps and instructions.

  1. Start your Outlook.
  2. Choose the Mailbox Folder.
  3. Go to Home and then, Cleanup. Here, choose any options:-
  • Clean Up Conversation:- To remove and move duplicate email data.
  • Clean Up Folder:- To delete similar emails from a particular folder.
  • Clean Up Folders and Subfolders:- To clean duplicate items from folders and subfolders.

Now, After selecting the above options, right-click on Deleted Items > Empty Folder.

  • Search and Delete Duplicate Attachments

For Outlook remove duplicate attachments, users need to delete similar or redundant emails manually. Moreover, users should use the search feature to find duplicate attachments or emails and then, remove them permanently.

Limitation of Manual Solution for Deleting Duplicate Attachments from Outlook

  • Often regularities and repetitive processes bring complications and chaos for users while removing duplicate attachment files from MS Outlook. Additionally, users need to perform the same steps till the completion of the task.
  • To remove duplicate attachments in Outlook, opting for manual guidance resulted in data loss and ruined time for hours. Since there is no direct manual way for deleting unnecessary attachments from Outlook. Therefore, using this option, users need to test their patience.
  • For untrained eyes, exercising these manual step instructions left them with chaos and problems. As in the absence of knowledge, users might set up the wrong steps or configurations.

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have explained both approaches to remove duplicate attachments in Outlook. Manual guidance is recommended for those users who have less data in their mailbox. However, if your mailbox is filing due to duplicate attachments then, opt for the automated tool. It is considered the best go-to choice for both untrained and trained professionals to easily delete duplicate mailbox items from Microsoft Outlook.