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How to Split Outlook Archive File By Year in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2007?

Frosty Orange ~ Modified: November 29, 2022 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you are stuck in a situation where you have to split Outlook archive file by year in Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2007?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations you have arrived at the correct place. Here, in this following article, we will describe different methods to resolve these queries.

The main reason to split Outlook archive files by year is that Outlook stores all the incoming data items into the same PST file for many years.

Now, this can lead to the PST file getting oversized. It is really important to know that storing files up to a particular limit can easily make them corrupt and you can’t access them anymore. Hence, many users are unable to access their data items of mailing clients.

Different Ways to Divide Outlook Archive File

In this upcoming section, we will talk about different methods by which one can easily divide their Outlook archive files by year. Here carefully follow these below-listed steps:-

1. Manual Procedure to Split Outlook Archive File By Year

Now, before starting this procedure, one must configure their Outlook account for archiving it based on data instead of the modified date. After configuring your MS outlook as per requirement, follow the given steps to start the process:-

  1. In the first step, open the Archive dialog box. After that, choose the File>> Archive option in Outlook 2007 and its below versions.
  2. Now, to split data file in Outlook 2010 and 2013 select File>>Info>>Tools>>Mailbox cleanup.
  3. Moreover, to separate archive emails in Outlook 2016 & 2019 choose File>>Info>>Tools>>Mailbox Cleanup.
  4. After that, make sure to select Archive this folder and all sub-folders and choose Folder to be saved from the given list.
  5. Next, you can enter the date in archive items older from the drop-down lane.
  6. In the next step, make sure to check the Include items with “Do not Auto Archive” to perform backup items from the automatic archiving.
  7. Press the OK button to complete the backup procedure.

After performing all the given steps in the above section. Users can easily repeat the procedure to break their PST files by repeating the mentioned steps. You need to keep one thing in mind though during this process, which is to modify the date & the destination of the output file that you are creating.

Why Shouldn’t we expect accurate results from Manual Methods?

The aforementioned method to split Outlook archive files by year contains multiple drawbacks. It also requires you to have some type of technical knowledge to perform the procedure step by step. For a novice user, the entire process can be a little difficult to understand the whole working structure of it. If any mishap occurs during the operation, then it can lead to corruption and data loss.

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2. An Automated Solution to Outlook Split Archive File by Year

After learning about the demerits of manual methods, it is safe to say that users should rely on a reliable and more solution instead of this one. And, after continuously searching for a while, we have found the perfect solution for you to split Outlook archive files by year. The PST Splitter Tool will be a secure & simple solution that both domestic and professional users can utilize without facing any issues. It helps to overcome all the demerits that we have mentioned above. In addition, this software helps to split corrupted and oversized files properly and is compatible with Windows OS.

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Complete Guide to Utilize the Mentioned Tool

Follow these below-mentioned steps to complete this task:-

1. Run this splitter tool on your Windows system.

split outlook archive file by year

2. In the next step, choose Add File/Folder or Search option to browse your files.

add file or folder

3. Now, you can select your required destination path to save your resultant files. To proceed further, you can hit the Next button.

browse destination

4. It is now time for you to select any required split options to split your files by date, year, folder and email Id, category.

split outlook archive file options

5. Next, check the summary of the split information and click on the Next option.

split outlook archive file by year

Observational Verdict

multiple users are facing issues to resolve the “split Outlook archive file by year” query. This blog is all about different techniques that can be used to perform this task. We have mentioned both direct and professional solutions in brief. To make it easy for you to choose any desired method. But, before using the manual solution you should go over the drawbacks. And then decide whether you should use it or not. Also, the best way to complete this task is by using a Professional solution.