SQL Database Cannot Be Opened. It is In The Middle of a Restore Issue

Sherry James | October 30th, 2019 | SQL Server

Summary: When you try to restore the SQL Database you may encounter this SQL database that cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a restore. In this article, we will discuss why this issue occurs, and how to solve this problem manually and also with the help of an automated solution.

Microsoft SQL Server application is a full-featured RDBMS System. It saves the data in MDF and LDF files. In the world of computing, Every tech conscious person is familiar with the Restoration process. Many times SQL server database administrators tried to restore the SQL database in case of missing information. But after the completion of the restoration process when the user tries to access the database then the user has to face SQL Database Cannot Be Opened. It is In The Middle of a Restore.

“Hello to all! I just have restored the SQL database with NO RECOVERY. The restore operation said that database restored successfully but I won’t be able to do anything with the database. I am getting a SQL database cannot be opened. It is In the middle of a restore problem. Please help me to resolve this issue.!”


Here is a T-SQL Script For Restoring Database With Recovery

RESTORE DATABASE Databasename FROM DISK = ‘C:\databasename.BAK’



If the Database is in Restoring State Then Run the Following Command



Restore Multiple SQL Database

The user can use the NORECOVERY option to restore the database in case if the user has multiple backups except in the last. But for the last backup, the user has to use WITH RECOVERY option to restore all the transactional logs and to bring the database in online states.

RESTORE DATABASE databasename FROM DISK = ‘C:\Databasename.BAK’
RESTORE LOG databasename FROM DISK = ‘C:\Databasename.TRN’

Note: In case you have corrupted backups then the user can use can use SQL Bak file recovery tool.

What To Do In Case If The Issue Still Not Resolved

If the SQL database cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a restore problem is not resolved, or your SQL database is inaccessible, then I suggest you to use SQL Database Recovery Software to recover SQL database. This is an efficient application to recover SQL tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc. In case if you have a corrupted MDF file then It will also help you to repair the SQL database. For complete details, the user can try the trial version of this software.


Here are Salient Features of This Software

1. Quick and Advanced Scan Option to Remove Corruption

2. Compatible with SQL Server 2019 and its below versions.

3. Support ASCII as well as UNICODE Data Type.

4. Preview Deleted SQL Tables Records in Red Color

Final Conclusion

From the above write up one can get the ideas on how to resolve the SQL database cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a restore problem. We have discussed the manual T-SQL commands to resolve the problem, but if you are facing any problems then the user can try the automated solution to resolve this issue.