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Tally Mobile Application – How to Use Tally Mobile App

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On January 7th, 2022
Reading Time 3 Minutes Reading

When it comes to any application, it would be easier for everyone to use it on a mobile phone anytime they want, whether business or individual.

This emphasizes the significance of having the Tally mobile application or Tally mobile software.

We’ve all looked online for ways to utilize Tally on mobile devices, but all of the links are either false or spam because Tally does not provide its users with a Tally mobile app version.

Is it thus impossible for people to utilize Tally on their mobile devices?

The answer is No!

Tally can only be used on a mobile phone if it is hosted in the cloud.

How will you be able to do that?

This is simple to accomplish with NetForChoice Tally On Cloud solution.

NetForChoice is a partner company of PCVITA. It is a Tier III data center company in India that offers Datacenter services & Cloud hosting at the best price globally.

What is Tally on Cloud?

Deployment of Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime on the third-party cloud server named as Tally on Cloud Hosting. Due to the tally hosting over the cloud, the end-user can easily access the Tally ERP on any mobile device regardless of its operating system using the browser in the presence of an active internet connection.

Using this application, you may complete all of your financial transactions at meager cost. You can run any Tally version, regardless of whether it is Tally. ERP 9, Tally ERP 7.2, or TallyPrime. NetForChoice ensures no threat to data security as the Tally server host on the secure data center environment under the continuous monitoring. In addition, users get the SLA of 99.995 % Uptime with a backup facility to provide company continuity in the event of a disaster

How to Use Tally Mobile Application?

Step 1: Connect with NetForChoice Customer Relationship Executive.

Step 2: Take a free demo of Tally cloud computing.

Step 3: Get the Tally ERP software with desired configuration.

Step 4: Time to use Tally over the mobile platform

Impeccable Benefits of NetForChoice Tally Mobile Application Facility

  1. Simple Setup: Install the Remote Desktop Client, add your Tally credentials, and start using Tally ERP on any operating system, including Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  1. Time Saving Solution: There is no need to install complicated tools and programs. Your sever gets set up in few minutes.
  2. Global Access: Tally access from anywhere makes it easy for the company employees to work in disastrous natural events like the COVID-19 pandemic, where work-from-home is a mandatory solution to mitigate the virus spread.
  3. Low Cost: Get lower upfront costs as all the computing resources are leased by the month instead of purchasing and maintaining on-premises. And you need to pay only for the computing resources needed.
  4. Tally Backup: User confidence that the Tally data always has backup and there is a disaster recovery solution to maintain business continuity in catastrophic situations..

Wrapping Up

All companies and accounting firms very well understand the importance of Tally. However, the non-availability of the Tally mobile application impacts productivity in the pandemic situation. Therefore, NetForChoice helps users to provide Tally on the cloud and provide a solution to use the Tally application on mobile phones.