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Can I Transfer Google Drive Storage to another Account – Simple Tricks

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: 21-Oct-2021 ~ 4 Minutes Reading
google drive storage to another acount

Google Drive is one of the most convenient cloud data storage services, offering 15 GB of free space for each user account. It’s a high-performance, free virtual storage space and is also a sync service provided by Google. This allows users to store data files (photos, documents, audios, videos, etc.) online and access them anytime, anywhere. Users can also transfer Google Drive storage to another account or invite others to view, download and co-edit the files they need.

Instant Solution: To seamlessly transfer your storage space to another account, just download the Google Drive migration tool.

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Let’s have a look at some genuine users’ query:

I will soon run out of Google Drive storage and will create another account. I just want to transfer important files to my new account just to avoid the data loss from my primary account. I do not trust any manual solution as I don’t have a deep knowledge of the technology. Please help me to transfer my storage to another account.

Multiple Ways to Transfer Google Drive Storage to Another Account


• First, log in to your Gmail account to start the procedure.

• Then, to transfer only documents, either select the required documents or select all.

• Then right click on the blue dropdown to bring up the new wizard.

• Enter the email address and change permissions to Is Owner option.

• Then you will see that the selected documents have been transferred to another account.


For those who have difficulty transferring their storage to another Google Drive account using the above method or have little technical experience, the following steps can be easily done.

1. First, log in to your Gmail account to begin the transfer Google Drive storage to another account procedure by going to Google Drive.

2. Then select the documents you want to transfer to another account.

3. After selecting the document, right-click and select the Download option.

4. Once you have downloaded all the documents and transferred them to your local folder, log in to another account.

5. Select New >> Upload File / Folder >> Select a file from your local folder.

So, there comes a question on how to transfer the storage from one account to another effectively? Don’t worry, a free tool, Migrator tool, can help you! You can easily transfer Google Drive storage to another account and also learn how to copy these files to OneDrive account in a trouble-free manner.

How to Move the Storage Data to Another Account Via Migrator

The migration tool mentioned above is a cloud manager that supports a quick and reliable transfer between two Google Drive accounts. The upcoming section describes the working of the tool.

Step 1. Install and run the software on your Windows / Linux machine.

Step 2. Now, select your platforms amongst the available options. In case you want to transfer Google Drive storage to another account, then select G Suite for both source and destination.


Step 3. After making your platform selection, choose your workload category and apply necessary filters.


Step 4. Right after this step, enter the details of your source G Suite admin account and validate them.

G Suite

Step 5. Now, fill the details of G Suite as the Destination account and hit on the Validate button in order to authorize the details added.


Step 6. Click on Next to move to the Users screen. Add users that has to be processed.


Step 7. Validate the added users and begin the process to transfer Google Drive storage to another account by clicking on Start Migration.


If you feel the need to run the migration process again, you can do so in three modes:

  • Retry Failed Items: In case there are certain files that were missed or failed (if any) during the first process, choose this option.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: If you want to run the entire migration procedure again, use this feature.
  • Delta-Migration: This feature will allow you to re-scan your mailbox for new data that may have arrived during the first migration task. If found, you can use this feature to export only the newly arrived files.

Final Words

Most of us have multiple G-Drive accounts, and Google doesn’t yet offer an easy way to seamlessly transfer Google Drive storage to another account. Therefore, this article consists of the best techniques for transferring the storage space to another account.

The manual methods for the same can be used but not suggested to be relied upon. However, the software that is mentioned above is an expert’s recommendation and a preferable choice of migration professionals. Hence, it is brought forth to help troubled users without losing any data or their precious time.