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Backup Email Backup – Updated Methods to Keep Emails Safe

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On February 28th, 2022
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User Query: How can I create email backup on my Mac machine? A lot of my important emails are stored on my account and I really need to download them. One of my colleagues lost his data due to malware attack and now he cannot get it back. I have not had any luck with finding the solution to avoid it. Can anyone please suggest a solution for the same? email is a free email service provided by using the domain. A number of users have been using this email service and various of them are prone to attacks.

To create email backup, users have been asking questions if there are any manual ways or if offers any protection.

Even though there are strict policies against the abusers of the policies and have anti-spam, it is still not capable to keep your data safe from accidental deletion.

It is always a suggestion by professionals to keep their data safe from these threats by taking a backup and saving it someplace safe. Other than accidental deletion, it is a wise choice to keep an extra layer of protection on your important data.

Let’s now go to the method for it.

How to Perform Email Backup Procedure?

We have found out that there are no manual techniques for users to take a backup of their emails and download them on local storage device. To solve the queries of all the users, we have here a professional solution i.e. IMAP Backup Tool, that lets users to export the emails along with their associated attachments.

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But before that, let’s take a look at a few similar user queries:

User Query 1 – I have been looking for a manual solution to create email backup but I haven’t been able to find any. Why is that so? If there are no manual methods, can someone help me with an alternative? I want to export my data as per a specific time-zone and with full safety.

User Query 2 – My company started using a while back and the backup was created automatically. But then they shifted the domain to Due to the shifting, the automatic backup settings were changed and now we all have to download our data on our own. Is there any tool that can help with email backup in bulk? If so, please suggest.

There are various other user queries that are solved by the software mentioned. Let’s now take a look at the working of the tool and what it offers.

Instruction Guide to Create a Backup of Data Via the Tool

Following are the steps to perform the backup task:

1. Run the software after downloading and select your email service provider. Enter the credentials for your account and click on the Login button.

ldif file

2. Choose the file format from the Select Export Type in which you want to create email backup. Here, we are going for the EML format.


3. Click on the Advance Settings option to apply various filters as offered by the tool.


4. Check the boxes beside Maintain Folder Hierarchy & Delete After Download options if needed.


5. Tap on the Change button to set the destination location of the end result.


6. Final step is to click on the Start Backup button and the software will begin the process.


Now that you know how the tool works, you can move forward to find out what features are offered by the software.

Features of the Tool for Email Backup

1. Date-Filter: The software has a feature embedded in it which allows the users to save the data as per a specific time-zone. This means that the Date-Filter feature will let you set a date from and to for exporting emails from the given time-period.

2. Maintain Folder Structure: During the process to save emails along with their attachments, the data and folder structure is maintained by the tool. You will find the same order of folders or emails after the migration as before in the source platform.

3. Delete After Download: After creating email backup on your desired location, you can delete the downloaded emails to save the server space. You just have to mark the Delete After Download option during the process.

4. Incremental Backup: This specific feature permits users to download only those emails that they have received after the first backup operation. By marking the Incremental Backup option, you can activate this feature and save the new emails.

5. Naming Convention: With the help of this function, you can save the emails as per different naming patters such as Subject, Subject + Date, From + Subject + Date, etc.

Final Thoughts email backup is an important topic as there are no free methods to perform this operation. If you are unaware of the fact that there is no recovery policy for the lost emails from email, this article has all the information.

The method to go through the backup task is given here. You can make use of the tool mentioned here on the lower versions of Mac OS such as Mac OS 10.8 and the latest like Mac OS 11 & above.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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