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Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail – Creative Way to Migrate Data

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 31st, 2021
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Summary – This blog contains of the solution to import Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail in the easiest way possible. We will be explaining how you can perform the task without any hassles and migrate all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

Windows Live Mail, like other Microsoft email clients, is also an email service which is a free of cost open source application. It is just the upgraded version of Outlook Express but has been discontinued by Microsoft now.

But why do people want to export Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail? Let’s check out a user query to understand that.

User Query – I got a new Macbook Air and I needed to move my WLM data to my Apple Mail account since these are important files. I have tried the manual method to import my data but nothing helped. In fact, all my files were not even transferred to the Apple mail. Is there a reliable solution to perform the migration without having to face such difficulties?

There certainly is a solution to overcome such situations. Find it in the next section.

Reliable Solution to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail

This method to help with the moving process is divided in two steps. First, you have to convert the files from WLM to MBOX file format. After that, you will be able to import MBOX files to Apple mail.

Now, the process for this is quite simple and has no limitations as such. You just have to use the Mac EML to MBOX Exporter tool which has the capability of converting EML files in bulk to desired file format (.mbox).

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The software to convert the files and export Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail offers various features as mentioned below:

  • Option to keep the folder hierarchy maintained
  • Choose to import multiple EML files in one go
  • Export EML files in batch mode using the Add folder feature
  • Migrate EML emails along with integrated attachments in bulk
  • No File-Size Restriction while transferring EML files
  • The software support conversion in latest versions of Mac OS X

Let’s find out how the application works.

Step 1 – Convert EML to Export Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail

The process for the conversion is easy and can be accomplished in a few steps. Check out how:

1. Run the software and select the Add File(s) option. Choose the files you want to convert, click on Open and hit Next to move further.


2. Choose the radio button beside MBOX file format and apply filters. Mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy checkbox to keep the folder structure same.


3. Click on the Change button to choose a destination path for the resultant files, hit on New Folder option, enter the name of the folder and press Create.


4. Finally, click on the Export button to finish the process.


You now have your converted MBOX files in your system on your desired location.

In the filters, you can go for the Date-Filter option to convert only the selective data (if required) by setting the From and To dates. This will give the software the directions to convert the data from the selected dates only.

Now that you have your resultant MBOX files, let’s import these to your Mac mail.

Step 2 – Import Resultant MBOX Files from Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail

Following instructions are how you can complete the process:

1. Go to your Apple Mail account and open it. Click on the File tab and select the Import Mailboxes option.

2. Here, you have to click on the Others radio button and hit Continue.

3. Select the Messages option and click on the Choose button.

4. Mark the MBOX files or folder that you want to import and hit the Continue button.

5. After that, your files will be imported to the Mac Mail and you will be able to find these files in the Import Folder.

This is the entire process to export Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail without having to experience any troubles.

That’s All!

There are users who would like to move their data from WLM and export it to Mac mail but have no clue how to do so. This guide is for those troubled users to help them make it easy to perform the migration process.

Follow the steps as given in the divisions to carefully and correctly convert your data and then successfully move them to your Apple mail. This wizard is the easiest and the most straight-forward method to migrate Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail.