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Quickly automate the process of consolidating legacy content from File System to Microsoft SharePoint server comprising all collaborative assets. PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint is architected to align organizational requirement of Bulk Migration over Moss 2010/2007, WSS V3 or V2 and SharePoint 2010, 2003 or 2007.

Migrate Windows Based – File Server, Network Drive, Shared Drive & documents onto SharePoint repository (lists, sites, web pages, document library etc)

Business Benefits:
File System to SharePoint migration tool provides comprehensive solutions to migrate the existing content of enterprise. Migrate folder in SharePoint without disorienting the sub-folders sequencing. Migrate documents to SharePoint lists instantly which include internal marketing collaterals, HR documents, sales documents to SharePoint Server 2010, 2007 or SharePoint Server 2003.


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Advanced Functionalities to Migrate Files to SharePoint

  1. Natively Transfer Entire File System Assets
    User-friendly interface of software will export single or multiple files, multi-level folders & subfolders and content enclosed inside folders. Also move disk drive, network drive & folders inside drives including shared folders.

  2. In Bulk Move All Files & Folders with Security
    File System to SharePoint migration software comprehensively transfers multiple files in batch sustaining files security with Drag & Drop functions. Additionally, "ADD Folder" or "Add Files" option let migrating bulk data.

  3. Switch File Server Data into Multiple User Accounts
    Initially migrate existing legacy content lying on file server to Microsoft® SharePoint Server authorized multiple user accounts. File System to SharePoint Server migration tool at 1-click consolidate full spectrum data to many accounts.

  4. Replace Special Characters by Intuitive Mapping
    As part of the file system to Sharepoint data Migration strategy intelligently map unidentified file characters with pre-defined set of characters. Automated mapping support for ("% & ; [ < > ? |# ~ . ] / * : \ { }) moreover users can also customize character mapping by adding more characters during file system to SharePoint Migration.

  5. Save All File or Folders Permissions & Properties
    Without impacting files or folder permission import Data into SharePoint by saving user access controls. Save 'Read', 'Write', 'Execute', 'Full Control' and other 'Special Permission'. Comprehensively saves created/modified dates, file extensions, file size & other relevant file properties by File System to SharePoint migration software.

  6. Flexibility to Add Folders, Doc Library or Meta Fields at Destination
    Move data to a SharePoint site with advanced option to add new folders or create new Document library and transfer system data into SharePoint. As well create new Meta fields as a part of SharePoint data migration.

What User Says...

Really impressed with such an active support services that assisted my organization to swiftly move entire file system or network shared data to SharePoint Database. Complete technical assistance for troubleshooting the issues.

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