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PCVITA File System Analyzer™

PCVITA File System Analyzer

Ver: 1.0

Get Freedom from Trouble of File Management

File System Analyzer Free of cost tool is the best choice for the users who are looking forward for a change in database storage and communication platform from file system to any repository. You may be thinking how? Read below and get the most out of the service of free File System Analyzer software so that the file management prior to conversion will be easy.

  • Analyzes particular folder as well as complete drive
  • Analyzes files according to Files unable to migrate, Extension based, Size based, Level based, Last accessed and Last modified.
  • Shows all files with counts inside a category
  • Creates & saves jobs to view scanned details further
  • Analyze any windows file system (FAT & NTFS).
  • Analyze files stored inside Desktop, Laptop, Pen Drive or any other digital storage media.

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Features of File System Examiner

Free file system analysis software provide free file analysis service to get a clear idea about which file can be converted to one platform to other and if not what is the reason behind excluding the file from being converted. Not only this the facilities provided by the tool is far more than expected, have a look and download File System Inventory software now itself for free. Let us describe the facilities and benefit of File System Analyzer in different section:

Free version to move corrupted file

Files Unable to Migrate
File system examiner shows the File Count that failed to migrate in Office 365 or SharePoint and the reasons for migration failure with Total with File Size.

Buy full version to copy orphan OST in PST

Extension Based Details
Software gives detailed information of the files with its extension from the selected drive or folder.

Software working to shift offline info

Size Based Details
Preview file size details acc to varying range - Less Than 1 MB, Between 1 MB to 5 MB, 50 MB to 100 MB, 100 MB to 1000 MB & greater than 1000 MB.

Online video show to sync data

Folder Level Based Information
File system inventory software shows the files according to folder level with total size & file count. See the files acc to given folder level range: File Between Hierarchy Level 0 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 8, 8 to 10, 10 to 15 and Files Between Hierarchy Level greater than 15.

Online video show to sync data

Files Last Accessed Time
Software categorize files acc to last accessed time and displays category wise Total size and File Count. Last accessed time range varies: Less than 1 Year, Between 1 yr to 3 yr, 3 yr to 5 yr, 5 yr to 10 yr and More than 10 Years.

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Last Modified Time
File system analyzer freeware retains a record for all last modified files with count & total size acc to specific year range. The range is: Less than 1 yr, Between 1 to 3 yrs, 3 to 5yrs, 5 to 10 yrs and more than 10 years.

Technical Abilities of File System Investigator

  • Detailed File System Analysis in Small Time
    File investigator software performs detailed analysis of folders, files and sub-folders residing in local computer system. User gets a quick review about File System.
  • Complete Information of Scanning
    File system analyzer freeware reveals a complete job summary of the files that are being scanned. Preview Current folder and file being scanned.
  • Add Multiple Folders, Directories or Drives
    Users are given option to add multiple folders add folders, sub-folders, Computer Drive (C:\, D:\, E:\, F:\ etc). This freeware can capably analyze all folders & drives selected by the user.
  • Detailed Status Reports with Complete Folder Path
    Software shows scanned folder paths informing which folders are being scanned. Windows file system analyzer gives complete path folder hierarchy and shows all folder levels.
  • Schedule Job & View Detailed Job List
    User can create the Job list acc to its comfort. After creation user can see all Job List that were scheduled by user see following details like: 'Job Name', Job Description', 'Creation Time', 'Folder Count' and 'File Count'.

Benefits of Using Freeware before Migration

How File System Analyzer is Helpful?
Generally computer users will not be aware of different kind of files stored in their system in the race of daily working routine which create so many issues regarding file management and system maintenance.

Forensic File System Analysis
With the Free File System Analyzer user can get the details of data stored in the File System selected thus satisfy forensic research aim of analyze and report details regarding File System all in one go. File system examiner free version can thoroughly examine the File System and give exact report.

Global Data Analysis
Using File System Analyzer free is that if user want to migrate and store their data into SharePoint or Office365 then it is necessary to know whether the files available in the file system can be migrated or not, so run the tool, select the folder, drive or files that is to be migrated and analyze further.

The Common Situations & their Solution

What are Facilities Offered by File System Analyzer Free?

File System Analyzer free is the tool that give many benefits along with the highlighted feature that it is FREE of cost. File System Analysis process can be carried out by selecting particular folder, drive or other files from the system giving it a specific 'Job Title' so that next time when the same folder or drive is selected then user will find it easy to know which file is already scanned and analyzed. File System Analyzer freeware is capable to help user to know file size, file extension, if file is unable to be converted to SharePoint or other platform then the reason for that.

When to Download File System Inventory Software?

When you start planning to migrate File System contents into Office365, or SharePoint, you can get the service of File System Analysis software so that without any trouble user can examine File System stored files or database and move inside new platform. Next, when you face file management issues or PC related issues then get the File System Investigator and know what all files are available in the drives or folders selected to be analyzed.

Free Tool for Us! Our company decided to switch entire files from office employees to SharePoint online, but we need to analyse the files & file system statsticts. So, we took this free of cost tool.

— David Lane, UK

A great tool to analyze all data before proceeding for migration. It helped me a lot to determine data size, file type, file size and all as SharePoint Server has limitation of file size & type. Thanks to development team.

— Mario Boscaini, US