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Know How to Import Thunderbird to Office 365

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Import Thunderbird to Office 365

The post deals with the best possible solution to import Thunderbird to Office 365. Also, the data can be migrated to Outlook 2016. Any sort of data loss or change in formatting is not observed after using this automated tool to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365. The application is assigned to the users just by entering the login credentials of Office 365 account.

Mozilla Thunderbird Vs Office 365 or Outlook Mail

Thunderbird is a product of Mozilla and Outlook for the web is developed by Microsoft. Both of them are very notable and widely used email applications. The difference between the two is Thunderbird stores its data and mailboxes in the local system. On the other hand, Office 365 operates on the cloud storage. The prominent advantage of using O365 is it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The prerequisites are supported device and a strong internet connection.

Secondly, Thunderbird is free of cost service. So, most of the features are outdated and no progress or development in features has been made by Mozilla. On the contrary, Microsoft is planning a good lead to equip its users with a latest and updated environment. Now, users can organize their account on the cloud storage with an unlimited space.

Thirdly, in Thunderbird, data is stored locally. This reduces the speed of loading mailbox files in Thunderbird application, whereas, storing the data in the cloud such as Office 365 emails, calendars, events, notes, etc., ensure that data is secured from any loss which can occur due to distrusted hardware failure.

Method to Import Thunderbird to Office 365

Although many users believe that the migration task is very complicated, it is not as daunting as it looks like. Users do not need to worry about it anymore. Here, a method is discussed which can enable successful migration of Thunderbird emails into O365 account without any changes in the original copy of Thunderbird mailboxes. The requirements of this third-party tool are Outlook credentials like username and password. The working of the software is performed on the Thunderbird files without extension. The mailbox items of Thunderbird can be added to the profile location by directly browsing the files.

  1. Launch Thunderbird application on the local system. Hit on Tools menu and then on Account Settings.
  2. From the new window, hit on the Server Settings tab. It will display the Local Directory Path. Hit on Browse button and avail Thunderbird files to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365.
  3. Copy the path of the directory from here and then, paste it to the address bar of the Windows Explorer.
  4. If a user clicks on it, it will show all the data of Thunderbird items. The mailbox items like Inbox, Trash, Sent Items, etc., can be seen without any extension.
  5. You can rename all these files with the extension .mbox file. After following this step, the file purely becomes an MBOX file and can be used to import Thunderbird to Office 365.

Steps to Migrate Thunderbird Email to Office 365

A user can follow these steps to import Thunderbird data items into Outlook 2016 or O365:

Launch MBOX to PST Converter

  • Hit on the option Add File(s) or Add Folder. Go to the required file and then, click on the Open button.

Add MBOX File

  • Once a file is added, the tool will display its contents within the product interface. Hit on Next.

Hit on Next

  • On the next screen, the radio button corresponding to Office 365 will be automatically selected.

Export as Office 365

After that, the two different options i.e. With Impersonation and Without Impersonation will be shown by the utility. Users can select any one of them and follow the given procedure Import Thunderbird to Office 365 in each case:

With Impersonation Feature

  • Here, a user has to enter details like username and password for an admin account. On the next panel, select With Impersonation feature and hit on Login option. Then, admin account will be validated to import Thunderbird emails.

Select With Impersonation Method

  • After the admin account gets verified, a mailbox ID is to be provided. After this, the mailbox ID will also get validated.

Provide Credentials

  • Then, apply the desired filters and hit on Export.

Hit Export Button


  • Once the import procedure is done, a message will pop up showing successful completion of the procedure

Migration Process

  • An export report is also generated at the end and it can be saved at the desired location.

Export Report Generation

Without Impersonation Feature

  • Choose the radio button corresponding to Without Impersonation.

Without Impersonation

  • Enter the individual mailbox ID to which data is to be transferred. Then, this ID will be authenticated.

Authenticate Mailbox

  • Now, you can add the specific filters for moving data from .mbox files and hit on Set
  • Click on Export to import Thunderbird to Office 365

Export Process

  • Once the procedure is completed successfully, a message will prompt on the screen. Hit on OK.

Successful Migration

  • At last, an export report will be generated, containing all the necessary details. By clicking on Save Report, it can be stored on the local system.

Generate Export Report

Wrapping Up?

No doubt, Thunderbird is used extensively by many users. But, some of its features are outdated and are not improved further by Mozilla. So, users decide to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365. It may seem like a tedious task for many of the users. So, a third-party software is explained to import Thunderbird to Office 365.