Working Preview of Software - A Complete Product guide

Watch the working preview of software and simply follow the steps :

step 1

Run the software, Now, You will see the Main screen of Software as shown in below image.

step 2

Now click on Scan file, You will see the same screen shown in below image, Now, you will see multiple options which are provided by the software -
Quick Scan: This option scan corrupt BKF file & recovery data. Deep Scan: It also scan corrupt BKF file but it goes through two phase of scanning for the better rate of data recovery. Range Based Scan: This option can be used for scanning a specific range of BKF data.

step 3

Now, browse the BKF file which you want to scan, then select scanning mode, and click on Scan button.

step 4

Now software starts scan process.

step 5

Now you can search file, image, and other data as well as you can extract the file from BKF file.

step 6

Now, the software provides two different modes of file extraction. Select Destination location and then Click on Extract button for backup.

step 7

Now software extracts data.

step 8

Now you can view the data at here.