Watch through Screens

Watch the working preview of software and simply follow the steps :

step 1

Install & run the SQL bak File Repair Tool

step 1

Click on Load to open .bak File.

step 2

You have two options for scanning, one is Quick Scan other is Advance Scan Click on Advance Scan for major corruption.

Click on Auto-Detect if you don't know the version of your .bak file or manually select it.

step 3

Click on Add File or Add Folder to load the corupted .bak file to the software.Click Ok.

step 4

When you add the file to the software, click on Recover for recovery of .bak file.

step 5

Software will start scanning and preview the report of recovered data objects.

step 6

After scanning, the software preview all database objects from .bak file.

step 7

Click on Export to export recovered database objects.

step 8

Software will give you two option to export recovered data. Either export as SQL Server Database or as .sql script. Choose SQL Server Database

step 9

We are exporting in SQL Server Database, you will need to provide credentials of Database. Fill the credentials such as Server Name, Database Name, User Name & Password

step 10

Select the Required Database items you want to Export. Choose the Export type accordingly, either Export as 'With Schema' or as 'With Schema or Data'

step 11

Pop will come whether you want to export deleted records as well. Click on yes, if you want to other wise click on No.

step 12

Provide the destination location where the (.sql) files would be saved

step 13

Pop up of Export Complete will show stating "Export process is completed successfully".

step 14

Preview the recovered database files at the provided destination location .