Watch through Screens

Watch the working preview of software and simply follow the steps :

step 1

Install & run the SQL Database Recovery Software and click Open.

step 2

Select the corrupted MDF file and click Open

step 3

Click on Advance scan mode and click Auto Detect option if you dont know the version of SQL mdf file.

step 4

Or you have option to manually select SQL Server version.

step 5

Click on the second tab and click first radio button, if you dont know the NDF file.

step 6

You have option to manually choose NDF file or folder by clicking on Add File/Add Folder.

step 7

After selecting NDF file, Click Ok

step 8

Software will show the scanned report of recovered database files.

step 9

Software gives you option to save your recovered data in .str file. If you want to save the file, Click Yes

step 10

Choose the desired location to save the .str file and click Save

step 11

Preview recovered data of MDF & NDF file. The software will show you the preview of recovered functions, views, triggeres etc.

step 12

Click on Export to save your recovered data.

step 13

Software will give you two option to export recovered data. Either export to SQL Server Database or as .sql script.

step 14

Choose the Authentication mode.You can fetch SQL Server name by clicking on drop down button if you are using Windows Authentication mode.

step 15

You can manually enter Server name.

step 16

If you are using SQL Server Authentication mode, then enter SQL Server Name and Login credentials

step 17

You will get two option to save recovered data. Either save it in new database or save in existing database.

step 18

To save recovered data in new database, Click on Create database and provide new database name.

step 19

Software will display default collation type of your database.

step 20

Select the checkbox of database objects, you want to export.

step 21

Software will give you two option to export, Either export as 'With Schema' or as 'With Schema & Data'.Choose accordingly.

step 22

Click With Schema & Data, if you want to save the database components with both schema & data.

step 23

If you want to recover deleted records, then check on Export Deleted Records.

step 24

'Export Completed' window will pop up confirming the successful export of the database.

step 25

Software will show you the status of exported data.

step 26

Software will show you the status of exported data. Click Close.

step 27

Software will ask you to save recovered data to .csv file. Click on Yes, if you want to save exported data in csv file.

step 28

Browse the desired location to save recovered data in .csv file.

step 29

You can go to the location where you save the file and check it your exported data by opening it.

step 30

Check your recovered data in SQL Server by expanding the database.