Watch through Screens

step 1

Start software to create the backup of Yahoo data.

step 2

Now, Provide the credentials of Yahoo Mail account. Click 'Login' button.

step 3

The software provides multiple formats (PST, MBOX, EML, MSG) to create Yahoo backup. Select format according to requirement.

step 4

To create the backup in PST file, select PST & browse the destination location to save the output file.

step 5

Select the destination and click on "OK" Button.

step 6

Now, The selected file will be displayed in the text box corresponding to the "Browse" button.

step 7

Clicking on the "Apply filters" button.

step 8

Now select folder to include for backup creation process.
Then apply the date filter.

step 9

Provide the filter option -

Select Folders: Include the folders that can include for backup creation.

E-mail Filter: This includes the date filter including the from and to constraints to define the start and end date respectively.

Then, click on "start" button.

step 10

The backup process starts.

step 11

Software successfully created Yahoo backup.

step 12

You can view final converted files at the destination location, As shown below: