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Adobe Fill And Sign Not Working? Here Is Why And How To Make It Work

Bella Blackwell ~ Modified: 21-Sep-2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading
Adobe Fill and Sign Not Working
Adobe Fill and Sign Not Working? We have the Perfect Solution for You!!!

Today, Portable Document Files have become the de facto file standard on the Internet. PDF files are best to store/ save crucial data. Sometimes users save their sensitive data in PDF format so that they can send these files as an attachment to some interested users/ groups. However, hacking can harm PDF information by extracting, editing, printing, copying, and modifying.

Hence, restricting PDF rights i.e., copy, modify, extract, edit, and print saves and shelters the PDF files. Applying restrictions on PDF is one of the most reliable ways to secure PDFs from being copied, edited, modified, and printed by unauthorized users. But, it can become a nightmare for users if they want to remove restriction without having complete knowledge.

Main Issue: Adobe Fill And Sign Not Working

Adobe Reader DC or Acrobat Pro DC provides a Fill and Sign option via which users can fill the information and add a digital signature to a PDF file. In many scenarios, when users try to fill or sign a PDF file/ form they encounter an issue that Adobe Fill and Sign feature is not working. It is so because not all PDF forms are fillable as the creators do not convert their PDF files into interactive fillable forms.

In other words, they intentionally design a PDF that cannot be filled or signed by any other users. These types of forms are known are flatforms. Due to several business requirements, users may want to make these forms interactive forms in which they can sign or fill in the information. Hence, in this article, we are going to introduce users to a one-stop solution that can resolve “Adobe Sign is Greyed Out” issue in a few simple clicks.

Unlock PDF File To Remove Fill and Sign Restrictions

Filling and signing PDF files is always a pain, especially if you need to email it back in a timely manner. But, from now, it will be no more a critical task as we have come up with PDF Restriction Remover. This is an eminent way to remove Fill, Sign, and all other restrictions from PDF files.

For Windows OS

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For Mac OS

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Some other facilities provided by this software are:

  • It can remove PDF file restrictions like Printing, Copying, Editing, Extracting text
  • It can unlock PDF files in bulk mode with its Business or Enterprise License
  • It provides an option to remove the Comment Protection from PDF document
  • It supports removing the document assembly restrictions from the PDF Files
  • It can delete signature restrictions and allow Form Filling in PDF data files
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat is not needed to remove the security from PDF

Also, using this software you can save your precious time and money to solve the issue “Adobe Sign is Greyed out”. Users can purchase this software just by spending $29, which is a very less amount as compared to Adobe Acrobat DC software.

Steps To Remove PDF Fill and Sign Restrictions

First of all, save the Restricted PDF file in an appropriate location and check its restrictions

Step 1: Now, Download and Run PDF Unlocker tool. Click Unlock to begin the PDF unlocking procedure

adobe fill and sign not working? - use this software

Step 2: To select the PDF files section, hit the Add File(s)/ Add Folder button

Step 3: You can choose to either print or save the documents. To change the saving destination, click on “Change”

Step 4: Hit the Unlock PDF button

Eventually, navigate to the Destination location and access the unlocked PDF without any restrictions

Now, you can Fill and Sign PDF file without any hassle

Concluding Lines

With Adobe Acrobat users can fill and sign PDF file/ forms. However, often users receive PDF files restricted for filling and signing. Thus, when individuals open the restricted PDF from Adobe Acrobat DC/ Pro they found that Adobe Fill and Sign option is not working.

In such case, if users need to fill or sign that file then, removing PDF restrictions is the most crucial step as only after that any fill or sign operation can be performed on PDF. In this write up we have described a smart way via which this issue can be resolved simply without any technical assistance. Also, the solution discussed here can be implemented by both technical and non-technical users.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q. Why the Adobe Acrobat DC Sign is greyed out in my application?
A. It is due to the sign restrictions that are applied in the document.

Q. How can I unsecure a secured PDF without any password?
A. You can use our tool to remove any kind of restriction from your PDF file.

Q. Why does the “PDF Signing” option is not allowed in Adobe Reader?
A. This can be possible if the Admin has disabled the PDF Signing option.